Advanced Metallization Conference 2021
30thAnniversary, Asian Session

Virtual Conference
[Tools used]
The webinar tool uses Zoom webinar.

[Question-and-answer session]
During the question and answer session, questions will be accepted via chat. Please specify your name and your name, and enter your question briefly. The moderator selects a representative question and conveys it to the speaker. You cannot ask questions directly by voice.

[Lecture material]
The meeting materials will be downloaded in pdf format, and the download site will be notified by email a few days before the event.

The handouts are only allowed to be referenced at hand, and copying, reprinting, transmitting, broadcasting, distributing, lending, translating, or altering may be a copyright infringement and may be legally punished. For this reason, it is prohibited to copy, reprint, distribute, print, or otherwise use part or all of the posted content for third parties without the permission of the copyright holder.

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