Advanced Metallization Conference 2021
30thAnniversary, Asian Session

30th Anniversary Event
  This session will be conducted in Japanese.
October 13, 2021 (WED) 13:20-16:50

Special Speakers:
Latest trends in power devices
 Prof. Noriyuki Iwamuro (University of Tsukuba)

Latest trends in chiplet packages
 Dr. Toshihiko Nishio (SBR Technology)

Latest device trends
 Dr. Yoshihiro Hayashi (Keio University), Chairperson of SDRJ

Panel Discussion:
Interconnection techonology challenges and future prospects
 Dr. Takeshi Nogami (IBM Research)
 Prof. Takayuki Ohba (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
 Yasuhiko Takeno (Global Net Corp.)

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