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Advanced Metallization Conference 2019
29th Asian Session
 Conference Invited Speakers

Conference Plenary Speaker:
1) Advanced Flash Memory Technology for the Big Data Era
Atsuyoshi Koike (Western Digital Japan)

2) The Future of Technology Scaling
Ruth A. Brain (Intel)

Organized session Invited Speaker:

・Advanced Integration and Process
1) Challenges Influencing the Next Generation BEOL Interconnect
Griselda Bonilla (IBM Research)

・Emerging Technology
1) Etch Challenges and Solutions in MRAM Production
Kaidong Xu (Leuven Instruments)

2) Impact of STT-MRAM and CMOS/MTJ Hybrid NV-Logic
from NV-MCU to NV- Brain-Inspired AI Processors
Tetsuo Endo (Tohoku University)

・Advanced Metallization
1) Integration options for alternative metals
Christopher J. Wilson (imec)

2) Development of a CMOS-compatible Contact Technology for III-V Materials
Philippe Rodriguez (CEA Leti)

General session Invited Speaker:

・Thin films and dielectrics
1) Advanced Cu interconnects with Ru liner for low resistance and highly reliable 7nm BEOL technology and beyond
Koichi Motoyama (IBM Research)

・CMP, Cleaning
1) Determining Instantaneous Removal Rates in Metal Chemical Mechanical Planarization
Ara Philipossian (The Univ. of Arizona/Araca Inc.)

・Next Generation Interconnect(Carbon, Optical Interconnects, etc.)
1) Non-equilibrium nanoparticle composite film process using reactive plasmas
Prof. Kazunori Koga (Kyushu Univ.)

1) Low Temperature Cu-Cu Direct Bonding for 3D Integration and Advanced Packaging
Yi-Chieh Tsai (on behalf of Kuan-Neng Chen) (National Chiao Tung University)

2) ITRI's Micro LED Development Progress for Signage, Gaming and AR Applications
Yen-Hsiang Fang (Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI))


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