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Advanced Metallization Conference 2019
29th Asian Session
 Conference Program

October 10, 2019
Session 1: Opening Session
Chairperson: H. Machida (Gas-Phase Growth)
9:30-9:50 Opening Remarks: S. Yokogawa, General Chair [The Univ. of Electro-Communications]
Award Ceremony :
Plenary: The Future of Technology Scaling [Intel] R. A. Brain
10:30-10:40 (Break 10 min)
Session 2: Advanced Integration and Processes
Chairperson: J. Leu (National Chiao Tung Univ.)
Invited: Challenges Influencing the Next Generation BEOL Interconnect Technology [IBM Research] G. Bonilla
Saturation of Sb1+ Concentration in Heavily Sb-doped n+-Ge Epitaxial Layers [Nagoya Univ.] J. Jeon , S. Shibayama, and O. Nakatsuka
Impact of Ge Pre-amorphization Implantation (Ge PAI) on CoTi/n+-Si Contact in Co Interconnects [1Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)] D. Zhang1,2, A. Du1, J. Xu1*, S. Mao1, X. Luo1,2, Y. Liu1,2, J. Gao1, G. Wang1, J. Li1, W. Wang1,2, D. Chen1,2, C. Zhao1,2, T. Ye1,2 and J. Luo1,2*
11:50-12:50 (Break for Lunch)
Session 3: Emerging Technology (STT-MRAM, ReRAM)
Chairperson: X. Gu (Western Digital)
Invited: Impact of STT-MRAM and CMOS/MTJ Hybrid NV-Logic from NV-MCU to NV- Brain-Inspired AI Processors [Tohoku Univ.] T. Endo
Invited: Etch Challenges and Solutions in MRAM Production [Leuven Instruments] K. Xu
Low-energy Switching of a FM/HM/FM Sandwich Structure Driven by Spin-Orbit Torque [Chinese Academy of Sciences]S. Wang , M. Yang, J. Luo, C. Zhao, W. Wang, and T. Ye
14:10-14:20 (Break 10 min)
Session 4: Advanced Metallization
Chairperson: M. Baklanov (North China Univ.)
Invited: Integration options for alternative metals [imec] C. J. Wilson, V. V. Gonzalez, G. Murdoch, C. Aldelmann, M. van der Veen, A. Gupta, I. Ciofi, and Z. Tokei
Invited: Development of a CMOS-compatible Contact Technology for III-V Materials [CEA Leti] P. Rodriguez
Improvement of the Thermal Stability for Ultra-thin Tantalum Silicide by Carbon Pre-silicidation Implantation [1Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences] J. Xu1, J. Gao1, X. Luo1,2, D. Zhang1,2, S. Mao1, J. Li1, C. Zhao1,2,*, W. Wang1,2, B. Gao1, D. Chen1,2, T. Ye1,2 and J. Luo1,2
15:40-15:50 (Break 10 min)
Session 5: CMP, Cleaning
Chairperson: K. Suzuki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Invited: Determining Instantaneous Removal Rates in Metal Chemical Mechanical Planarization [The Univ. of Arizona/Araca Inc.] A. Philipossian
Development of Chemical Mechanical Planarization(CMP) for 4H-SiC substrate by water-soluble cluster of Fullerene [1Kyushu Institute of Technology, 2National Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology] Y.-H. Tsai1, C.-C. A.Chen2, K. Suzuki1, and S.-F. Chiu2
Study on Chemical factors on Nano Colloidal Silica fine particles using Critic acid for Cu-CMP [Kyushu Inst. of Technology] S. Sirisawat, F. Hisayoshi, P. Khajornrungruang, and K. Suzuki
Effect of Conditioner Disc Wear on Frictional, Thermal, Kinetic and Pad Micro-Textural Attributes of Silicon Dioxide and Tungsten Chemical Mechanical Planarization [1Univ. of Arizona, 2Araca Inc.] J. C. Mariscal1, H. Dadashazar1,2, J. McAllister1, Y. Sampurno1,2, and A. Philipossian1,2
Poster Session (17:30-19:30)
Chairperson: K. Maekawa (Renesas Electronics)
P-1 Synthesis of Ni Thin Film by Supercritical Fluid Chemical Deposition Technique [Univ. of Yamanashi] Sudiyarmanto, and E. Kondoh
P-2 Low Temperature ALD of Silicon Nitride Using Hydrazine-based Compound [1TAIYO NIPPON SANSO, 2Semiconductor National Institute for Materials Science] H. Murata1, N. Tajima2, and K. Suzuki1
P-3 Development of novel Cu electroplating for electronic interconnects in advanced packaging [1Kobe Univ., 2Daicel]T. Mahiko1,2, and M. Nagata1
P-4 Advanced Physical Modelling Method to the LSI Package Deformation with the HOG Image Feature [1Fujitsu Laboratories, 2Socionext] N. Itani1, T. Soeda1, M. Oshima2, and H. Matsuyama2
P-5 Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Low-k Silicon Carbonitride Films [National Chiao Tung Univ.] S.-W. Fan, Y.-L. Hsu, and J. Leu
P-6 Chip-level Electromigration Evaluation using GENG estimations [The Univ. of Electro Communications] S. Yokogawa, K. Kunii, and R. Nakazato
P-7 Enhancement of thermal stability of NiGe films below 10 nm thickness by carbon pre-germanidation implantation [1Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS), 2Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences] J. Xu1, J. Liu1, G. Wang1, X. Luo1,2, Dan Zhang1,2, S. Mao1, J. Li1, C. Zhao1,2,*, W. Wang1,2, B. Gao1, D. Chen1,2, T. Ye1,2, and J. Luo1,2
P-8 An optimized method for critical cleaning of sidewall residues in the fabrication of 8-inch CMOS Compatible STT-MRAM [1Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS), 2Univ. of Chinese of Academy Sciences (UCAS), 3Beihang Univ., 4Jiangsu Leuven Instruments] T. Yang1,2, M. Yang1, Y. Cui1, K. Cao3, Z. Guo3, J. Gao1, X. He1, J. Xu1, J. Li1, W. Wang1,2, D. Che4, K. Xu4, C .Zhao1,2*, W. Zhao3, and J. Luo1,2*
P-9 Cu(111) orientation control on thin TaWN alloy barrier [1Kitami Institute of Technology, 2Toray Research Center] M. B. Takeyama1, M. Sato1, and M. Yasuda2
P-10 Thermal stress relaxation of cobalt-passivated nano-twinned copper films [National Chiao Tung Univ.] H.-H. Liu, I-H. Tseng, C. Chen, and J. Leu
P-11 Exchange coupling between perpendicular Co and IrMn interface in Pt/Co/IrMn trilayers [1Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMECAS), 2Univ. of Chinese of Academy Sciences (UCAS)] Y. Li1, M. Yang1*, T. Yang1,2, Y. Cui1, J. Xu1, C. Zhao1,2, W. Wang1,2, and J. luo1,2*
P-12 Preparation of Graphene/Carbon Nanotubes Composite Films for Thermal Packaging Applications [1Shanghai Univ., 2Chalmers Univ. of Technology ] J. Xie1 G. Yuan1 , H. Li1 , J. Liu 1 ,2 , and Y. Tian1
P-13 Withdrawn
P-14 Effect of P/B Ion Implantation after Germanidation on NiGe Films Formed on both n+- and p+-Ge [1Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)] X. Luo1,2, G. Wang1, J. Xu1, D. Zhang1,2, Y. Liu1,2, S. Mao1, S. Liu1, J. Li1, W. Wang1,2, D. Chen1,2, C. Zhao1,2, T. Ye1,2, and J. Luo1,2
P-15 Effects of Ammonia-based Functional Water on Copper Surface Preparation for Wafer Rinsing Step [1Organo, 2 Nagaoka Univ. of Technology] D. Yano1,2, and A. Kawai2
P-16 Ultra low-k organosilica films with benzene bridge and small pore size [1North China Univ. of Technology, 2Technische Universit?t Chemnitz, 3China Agricultural Univ.] C. Liu1, C. Lv1, N. Kohler2, X. Wang1, H. Lin3, Z. He3, S. Wei1#, J. Zhang1, and M. R. Baklanov1
P-17 Cu (111) preferential orientation on ZrNx films [Kitami Institute of Technology] M. Sato, and M. B. Takeyama
P-18 Metal/insulator thermally conductive layers for miniaturized planar Si-nanowire thermoelectric generator [1Waseda Univ., 2National Institute for Materials Science] S. Ma1, T. Zhan1, R. Yamato1, M. Xu1, H. Takezawa1, K. Mesaki1, M. Tomita1, Y.-J. Wu 2, Y. Xu 2, and T. Watanabe1
P-19 The effect of γ-ray irradiation on the SOT magnetic films and devices [1Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Univ. of Chinese of Academy Sciences (UCAS)] T. Z. Yang1, W. L. Yang1(Equal contribution), C. H. Wan1, X. F. Han1*, Y. Cui1*and J. Luo1,2*
P-20 Plasma- enhanced chemical vapor deposition of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays grown on Zinc oxide films [1Shanghai Univ., 2Chalmers Univ. of Technology] H. Li1 G. Yuan1 , J. Xie1 , J. Liu 1,2 and Y. Tian1
P-21 Initial changes of Cu surfaces in H2O2-BTA aqueous solutions studied by using microfluidic reactor [1Univ. Yamanashi, 2Ebara] E. Kondoh 1, M. Toyama1, L. Jin1, S. Hamada2, S. Shima2, and H. Hiayama2
P-22 Pore Morphology of Ultra-Low-k Organosilicate Dielectrics Thin Films by UV Annealing [1National Chiao Tung Univ., 2 National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, 3Russian Technological Univ. (MIREA)] Y.-H. Wu1, W.-T. Chuang2, A. S. Vishnevskiy3, D. S. Seregin3, M. R. Baklanov3, K. A. Vorotilov3, and J. Leu1*
P-23 Temperature evolution of sol-gel PMO low-k films with different organic bridges [1MIREA Russian Technological Univ (RTU MIREA), 2 North China Univ of Technology (NCUT) ] D. Seregin1 , A. Vishnevskiy1 , G. Orlov1, V. Storonkin1, I. Ovchinnikov1, K. Vorotilov1, and M. Baklanov 1,2
P-24 Humidity Reliability of a Commercial Flash Memory for Long Term Storage [1Shibaura Institute of Tech.(SIT), 2Univ. of Electro Communication, 3SIT Research Center for Green Innovation] T. Murota1, T. Mimura1, P. Gomasang1, S. Yokogawa2, and K. Ueno1,3
P-25 Etching of OSG low-k films in CF4 plasma at different temperatures [Lomonosov Moscow State Univ.] A. Palov , E. Voronina , T. Rakhimova, O. Proshina, and Y. Mankelevich
P-26 Fabrication and electrical properties of Ni-based alloy thin film by electro or electroless deposition [1Osaka Prefecture Univ., 2Osaka Univ.] M. Rindo1, N. Okamoto1, T. Saito1, and A. Kitajima2
P-27 Sputtering and etching of ethylene bridged low-k film s by neutral fluorine [1Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., 2North China Univ. of Technology] A. Palov1, E. Voronina1, and S. Wei2
P-28 Effect of a metal interlayer under Au catalyst on metal-assist chemical etching of Si substrate [Kansai Univ.] T. Yorioka, S. Hanatani, T. Shimizu, T. Ito, and S. Shingubara
Late News Poster
P-LN1 Interfacial Reaction of Cu6Sn5 intermetallic between molten Sn-0.7Cu-0.2Cr solder and Cu substrate [1Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, 2Korea Univ.] J. Son1,2, D.-Y. Yu1,2, D.-J. Byun2, J. Bang1*
P-LN2 Effect of Ni3Sn2 Growth on Thermal Resistance of AuSn/ENIG Solder Joint in Flip-Chip LED Package [1Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), 2 Hanyang Univ.] T.-Y. Lee1,2, M.-S. Kang1, Y.-H. Kim2, S. Yoo1, and M.-S. Kim1
P-LN3 Nitrogen-Doped Amorphous-Carbon as Efficient Moisture Barrier on Copper [1Shibaura Institute of Technology, 2 SIT Research Center for Green Innovation] P. Gomasang1 , T. Murota1 , and K. Ueno1,2
P-LN4 Boron diffusion and Crystal structure analysis of MTJ films with different TMR ratio according to annealing temperature [Toray Research Center] Y. Shimizu, M. Yasuda, and M. Nishimura
October 11, 2019
Session 1: Opening Session 2
Chairperson: H. Machida (Gas-Phase Growth)
Plenary: Advanced Flash Memory Technology for the Big Data Era [Western Digital Japan] A. Koike
10:10-10:20 (Break 10 min)
Session 6: Thin films and dielectrics
Chairperson: O. Nakatsuka (Nagoya Univ.)
Invited: Advanced Cu interconnects with Ru liner for low resistance and highly reliable 7nm BEOL technology and beyond [IBM Research] K. Motoyama
Formation of chemically inert interface between Al and Al3Nb thin films [Kitami Institute of Technology] M. B. Takeyama, M. Sato, and A. Noya
Light emission from pristine and Tb doped nanoporous organosilicate films [North China Univ. of Technology] J. Zhang*, Y. Wang, J. Zhang, H. Xu, C. Liu, S. Wei, and M. R. Baklanov
Investigation of Molybdenum interconnects [Fudan Univ.] T. Teng , and X.-P. Qu
11:50-12:50 (Break for Lunch)
Session 7: 3D, TSV, PKG
Chairperson: T. Saito (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
Invited: Small pitch Micro-LED processing for Augmented Reality Application [1Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), 2National Chiao Tung Univ.] K.-L. Liang1, W.-H. Kuo1, Y.-H. Fang1, and C.-C. Lin1,2
Invited: Low Temperature Cu-Cu Direct Bonding for 3D Integration and Advanced Packaging [National Chiao Tung Univ.] Y.-C. Tsai (on behalf of K.-N. Chen)
Measured Stress Comparison of Annular-Trench-Isolated (ATI) TSV with Cu and Solder Core [National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)] W. Feng, N. Watanabe, H. Shimamoto, M. Aoyagi, and K. Kikuchi
Study of Cu pad thermal expansion effect on fine-pitch Cu-Cu hybrid bonding technology [Sony Semiconductor Solutions] H. Hashiguchi, M. Haneda, Y. Kagawa, M. Horiike, T. Hirano, S. Kobayashi, T. Hirano, and H. Iwamoto
14:30-14:40 (Break 10 min)
Session 8: Next Generation Interconnect
Chairperson: A. Kajita (Toshiba Memory)
Invited: Non-equilibrium nanoparticle composite film process using reactive plasmas [Kyushu Univ.] K. Koga
Layer Number Dependence of MoCl5 Intercalation to Few-Layer Graphene [1Shibaura Institute of Technology, 2KU Leuven, 3imec] E. Ketsombun1, X. Wu 2,3 , I. Asselberghs3 , S. Achra 2,3 , C. Huyghebaert3 , D. Lin3 , Z. Tokei3 , and K. Ueno1
Vertically Stacked Suspended SiGe/Ge Nanowires Fabricated by 3D Ge Condensation for Optoelectronic Applications [Stanford Univ.] J. Suh*, Q. Li, J. van de Groep, M. Brongersma, and K. C. Saraswat
15:50-16:00 Closing Remarks:


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