Advanced Metallization Conference 2023
32nd Asian Session


ADMETA Plus 2023
2023年10月11日(水) チュートリアル
2023年10月12日(木)~ 13日(金) 本会議
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公益社団法人 応用物理学会 シリコンテクノロジー分科会

Thank you for joining “ADMETAPlus2023,” which will be held in a hybrid format (virtual and live) from Wednesday, October 11th to Friday, October 13th at Takeda Hall, the University of Tokyo, Japan. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you.

ADMETA Plus is approaching its 32nd annual meeting and boasts a rich history of significant contributions to the advancement of interconnect technology for cutting-edge logic and memory devices. In recent years, the importance of interconnect technology has continued to grow in various device applications, offering solutions for low resistance, high integration, cost-effectiveness, enhanced reliability, and 3D-ICs.

This conference places its focus on interconnect technology encompassing materials, processes, devices, circuit design, assembly, equipment, and characterization. We anticipate comprehensive discussions, ranging from fundamental principles to practical applications, featuring contributions from researchers and engineers representing industry, government, and academia. We eagerly anticipate the emergence of novel developments in the field of interconnect technology, further bolstering the semiconductor industry’s growth.

The theme for ADMETA Plus 2023 is “Interconnection from Materials to VLSI Systems for Sustainable Development.” Aligned with this theme, we have planned an array of captivating content, including tutorials (Japanese only), plenary talks, invited presentations, and poster sessions. We are excited to welcome you to Tokyo. Please enjoy the conference.

ADMETAPlus 2023 General Chair: Munehiro Tada (NanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc.)