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Advanced Metallization Conference 2017
27th Asian Session
 Committee Members
*** Executive Committee Members ***
General Chair Osamu Nakatsuka Nagoya University
Vice Chair Hideaki Machida Gas-Phase Growth
Program Chair Shinji Yokogawa The University of Electro-Communications
Vice Program Chair Mayumi B. Takeyama Kitami Institute of Technology
Tutorail Chair Shunichi Hizume Lam Research
General Arrangements Chair Atsuhiro Tsukune Taiyo Nippon Sanso
Financial Chair Hideaki Machida Gas-Phase Growth
Publicity Chair Yasushi Higuchi Ulvac
Specially Appointed Eiichi Kondoh Yamanashi University
Specially Appointed Takenao Nemoto Tokyo Electron

*** Committee Members***
Program Committee Tamotsu Owada Dexerials
Program Committee Takeyasu Saito Osaka Prefecture University.
Program Committee Akihiro Kajita Toshiba
Program Committee Munehiro Tada NEC
Program Committee Kazuyoshi Maekawa Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing
Program Committee Naoki Takeguchi SanDisk
Program Committee Keisuke Suzuki Kyushu Institute of Technology
Program Committee Xun Gu SanDisk
Tutorial Committee Seiichi Kondo Hitachi Chemical
Tutorial Committee Masayoshi Imai Ebara
General Arrangements Committee Dai Ishikawa ASM Japan
Financial Committee Kan Shimizu Sony Semiconductor Solutions
Publicity Committee Nobuhiro Hata AIST
Publicity Committee Hajime Momoi JX Nippon Mining & Metals
Publicity Committee Takeshi Momose The University of Tokyo
Publicity Committee Yoriko Mizushima Fuitsu Laboratory
Publicity (US) Takeshi Nogami IBM
Publicity Committee (Korea) Young-Chang Joo Seoul National University
Publicity Committee (Korea) Jin-Goo Park Hanyang University
Publicity Committee (Taiwan) Chih-Chien Liu United Microelectronics Corp.
Publicity Committee (Taiwan) Lih J. Chen National Tsing Hua University
Publicity Committee (Taiwan) Tzu Kun Ku ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
Publicity Committee (Singapore) Chuan Seng Tan Nanyang Technological University

*** Advisory Members***
Yasuhiro Horiike NIMS
Hiroshi Komiyama Mitsubishi Research Institute
Kazuo Tsubouchi Tohoku University
Nobuyoshi Kobayashi ASM Japan
Yukio Yasuda Tohoku University
Takamaro Kikkawa Hiroshima University
Takayuki Ohba Tokyo Institute of Technology
Shigeaki Zaima Nagoya University
Tomohiro Ohta The University of Tokyo
Kazuya Masu Tokyo Institute of Technology
Manabu Tsujimura Ebara
Shoso Shingubara Kansai University
Takashi Yoda NuFlare Technology
Yukihiro Shimogaki The University of Tokyo
Kazuyoshi Ueno Shibaura Institute of Technology
Hisao Kawasaki Quatntum Biosystems
Jyunichi Koike Tohoku University

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