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Advanced Metallization Conference 2012: 22nd Asian Session
Oct. 22-25, 2012,
Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo

Oct. 22: Tutorial
Oct. 23-25 : Conference

Sponsored by
The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Supported by
The Surface Finishing Society of Japan,
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan,
The Japan Society for Precision Engineering,
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers,
The Japan Institute of Metals,
IEEE EDS Japan Chapter,
The Vacuum Society of Japan,
The Surface Science Society of Japan.

Dear Colleagues

Advanced Metallization Conference 2012, 22nd Asian Session (ADMETAPlus 2012) will be held from October 22 through 25, 2012. The conference is organized to stimulate and enhance the research and development of ULSI interconnect technology. In every year since 1989, the conference has been held at about the same time in both Japan (ADMETA) and USA (AMC), and has showcased remarkable interconnect technology development in Asia.
Current active development of Cu multilayer wiring technology is aimed at feature sizes of less than 50nm, and application of Cu wiring has been broadened to the memory market and is widely used for Flash and DRAM. Securing good reliability for electromigration and low-k films in Low-k/Cu wiring schemes is still an important area of interest. There have been advancements in the introduction of metal deposition for front end processes such as for Silicide and Metal Gate, and submissions in this area are welcome. The progress of miniaturization technology for packaging is rapid, and concepts for integrated wiring technology between Si chips and mounting substrates are required. 3D wiring technology will be paid special attention as an important direction for further device integration. Contributions of papers addressing these topics are being highly solicited as well as papers in related areas such as interconnect materials, interconnect design, reliability, process equipment, and cost reduction, etc. where there is no shortage of problems to be solved.
In addition to the main conference with its emphasis on the direction of conventional wiring scaling, three Organized Sessions (Backend Devices, CMP, Nanocarbon Interconnects) will be held to discuss post-scaling technology that is either in development or in concept stage.
This conference offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the most recent R&D activities in interconnect technology and related fields from researchers around the world. We look forward to your attendance.

ADMETAPlus 2012 General Chair:
Hisao Kawasaki (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)

ADMETAPlus 2012 Program Chair:
Eiichi Kondo (Yamanashi University)


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