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 Special issue of JJAP

(1) Instructions for the preparation of a manuscript for JJAP
Please see details in the following documents.

(2) Submission period
The deadline of paper submission was extended.
September 1 to 30, 2011. >>October 15, 2011

Your paper(s) can be submitted through the following URL.

(3) Type of Papers
You can choose Regular Paper (RP) or Brief Note (BN) as shown below. The type of the submitted paper cannot be changed after submission.
Regular Papers <RP>
・ No page limitation.
・ Abstract should be no more than 150 words.
・ Papers should be comprised of sections with titles, e.g., Introduction, Experimental Methods, Results and Discussion, etc.
Brief Notes <BN>
・ The maximum length is two printed pages (about 2060 words).
・ Abstract should be no more than 100 words.
・ BN should not be divided into sections with titles.

(4) Publication Charge
Authors or their institutions are requested to pay the publication charge according to the following rates when the paper is accepted. 10,000JPY/printed page

(5) Reprints
You can order reprints in lots of 50 copies if needed with extra charge. See details in the following URL.

(6) Agreement for Copyright Transfer and Publication Charge Payment
After your paper is accepted for publication, fill in the attached form and send it to JJAP office via Fax.

(7) Others
Instructions for preparation of manuscripts, Agreement for Copyright Transfer and Publication Charge Payment, LaTeX style sheets can be downloaded from the following URL.


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