Advanced Metallization Conference 2024
33rd Asian Session

Topics of Interest

[Topics of Interest]
Integration: Interconnection Structure and Performance, Parasitic Capacitance, Reliability Technology, Testing and Analysis
Reliability Science and Failure Analysis: EM, SIV, TDDB, Defect Detection and Analysis, Failure Mechanism and Modeling
Metallization: PVD, CVD, ALD, Plating, Barrier Metal, New Material, Alloy, Supercritical Fluid, Reflow
Low-k Dielectric: CVD, ALD, SOD, Film Properties, New Materials, Dielectric Structures (Air Gap), Metrology, etc.
CMP: Planarization Technology, Slurry, Pad, Dress, End Point Detection, Cleaning, Anti-corrosive Technology, etc.
Contact: Silicide, Interface, Solid Phase Reaction, Shallow Junction, Crystal Properties, Electron Properties, Carrier Transport, etc.
MEMS/RF: Interconnection Structure and Materials, Packaging, Fabrication Process Technology, Device Design, etc.
Emerging Technology: Active Wiring, Power Electronics, Silicon Photonics, Flexible Electronics, Energy Harvesting, etc.
Backend Device Technology: Tech. for Embedding Devices (MRAM, PCRAM, ReRAM, DRAM etc.), Materials and Processing of Magnetics, Phase-Change and Resistive-Change Devices, Electrode, Metallization, etc.
Nano Carbon: Graphene, Carbon Nanotube, Deposition, Integration, Electrical Characteristics, Reliability, Evaluation, Analysis, etc.
3D and Packaging: TSV, TMV, Stacking Method (CoW, WoW), Thinning, Planarization, Bonding, Bump, Stress and Thermal Analysis, Sealing, Cooling, Reliability.