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Advanced Metallization Conference 2018
28th Asian Session

 Conference Program

Oct.10 Oct.11 Oct.12
AM Conference Room
Conference Room
Conference Room
Conference Room
Tutorial (1) Session 1:
Opening Session
Session 2:
Low-k Dielectric
Session 5:
Session 6:
Dry Etching and Wet Cleaning
Parallel Session
3D and Packaging(1)&(2)
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
PM Conference Room
Conference Room
Conference Room
Tutorial(2) Session 3:
Advanced Metallization
Session 4:
Session 7:
Session 8: Integration
Session 9: Reliability
Dinner Banquet
Panel Discussion
Poster Session

October 11th, 2018
Session 1: Opening Session
Session Chair: C.Zhao( Chinese Academy of Sciences)
8:30-8:45 Opening Remarks: T.C. Ye, General Chair [Chinese Academy of Sciences]
Award Ceremony
[Intel Corp.(USA)]
R. A. Brain
Plenary: Gateway to success in China
[Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.] M. Zhou
(Special Talk) Overview of AMC/IITC 2018
[Lam Research (USA)]
L. Zhao
10:45-11:00 Break time
Session 2: Low-k Dielectric
Session Chair: M.R.Baklanov ( North China University of Technology)
(Invited) BEOL Low-k Dielectrics for 7nm and below
[Applied Materials (USA)]
K. S. Yim, S. Mukherjee, B. Xie, E. Braaton, M. Tong, J. Ma, D. Raj and D. Padhi
PECVD Low-k Silicon Carbonitride Films Using Silazane Precursors
[National Chiao Tung University] W-Y Chang and J. Leu
Effect of the Brij 30 Porogen and Annealing Ambient on the Properties of p-OSG Films with Carbon Bridged Skeleton
1 North China University of Technology, 2 Moscow Technological University (Russia), 3 Beijing Youchrom Technologies Co., Ltd., 4 National Chiao Tung University] Y. Wang1, D. S. Seregin2, C. Liu1, C. Lv3, J. Zhang1, S. Wei1, J. Leu4,K. A. Vorotilov2, and M. R. Baklanov1
12:10-13:30 Lunch time
Session 3: Advanced Metallization
Session Chair: E. Kondoh(University of Yamanashi)
(Invited) Carbon Enhanced BEOL Technology
[The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology]C. Prawoto, S. Li, S. Raju and
M. Chan
(Invited) Fabrication of (111) nanotwinned Cu and its applications in Cu direct bonding and Cu redistribution lines in 3D IC integration
[National Chiao Tung University]
C. Chen1, J.Y. Juang1, K. C. Shie1, Y.C. Chu1, and K. N. Tu
Effect of interfacial Ni between Graphene and Pt on reducing the specific Contact Resistivity
1 Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)] K. Shahzad1,2, K. Jia1, X. yu1,2, X. Luo1,2, D. Zhang1 ,J. Xu1, and J. Luo1,2
Precise Patterning of Graphene Nanopore Array with Helium Ion Microscope for Single Biomolecule Detection
1 Southern University of Science and Technology, 2 Chinese Academy of Sciences] Y. Deng 1, Y. Qiu 1, R. Gu1, D. He1, D. Wang2, and J. He1
15:10-15:25 Break time
Session 4: Planarization/CMP
Session Chair: X.P. Qu (Fudan University)
(Invited) CMP Slurry Innovation for Metallization at Different Dimensions and Device Stacking
[Anji Microelectronics]
Y. Wang
Detection of sub-100 nm particles attached to Si wafers and SiO2/Si wafers by using spectroscopic ellipsometry
1 University of Yamanashi, 2 Ebara Corporation] E. Kondoh1, K. Suzuki1, K. Shimada1, L. Jin1, S. Hamada2, S. Shima2, and H. Hiyama2
Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Inlaid Copper Structures with Ru/Ta/TaN Multilayer as Diffusional Barrier
[Tsinghua University] J. Cheng, B. Wang, L. Xie, C. Li and X. Lu
Study on Surface Topology of Polishing pad after Dressing Process using Optical Fourier Transform
1 Kyushu Institute of Technology, 2 Ebara Corporation] K. Suzuki 1, T. Ogata1 and P. Khajornrungruang1, H. Matsuo, T. Kimba,Y. Wada and H. Hiyama
16:55-17:10 Break time
Panel Discussion
17:10-18:20 Enabling technologies and challenges in interconnects for 5nm node and beyond
Poster Session (18:30-20:00)
P-1 Preparation and properties of low dielectric constant SiO2 films by co-precursors
1China Agricultural University, 2 North China University of Technology] H. Lin1, Z. He1, J. Zhang 2, S. Wang1, B. Mikhail 2, C. Liu 2
P-2 Effect of Super Critical Drying Temperature Variation on Silica Aerogel Low- K Films
1 North Maharashtra Univesrsity , 2 S P D M College (India)] S. A. Gupta1, A. S. Gaikwad2 and A. M. Mahajan1
P-3 Properties of dielectric barriers deposited by combination of PECVD and PEALD
1 North China University of Technology, 2 National Chiao Tung University] Y. Wang1, W.-Y. Chang2, Y.-L. Hsu2, J. Zhang1, J. Leu2 and M. R. Baklanov1
P-4 Characterization of carbon-bridged OSG films developed as potential candidates for subtractive integration
1 Russian Technological University - MIREA (Russia), 2 North China University of Technology, 3 Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS (Germany), 4 The Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering (Germany), 5 National Chiao Tung University] D. S. Seregin1, N. M. Kotova1, A. S. Vishnevskiy1, Y. Wang2, A. Clausner3, M. Kopycinska-Muller3, S. Naumov4, J. Zhang2, Jim Leu5, K. A. Vorotilov1 and M. R. Baklanov2
P-5 Role of VUV emission in etching of OSG low-k film by CF3+
[ Lomonosov Moscow State Univ. (Russia)] A. Palov, E. Voronina, T. Rakhimova, O. Proshina and Y. Mankelevich
P-6 Metal Hardmask Layer Application & Evolution for Advanced Interconnection
[Applied Materials China] L. Luo , G. Wu , W. He, Z. Zhong, J. Kang, G. Zhao
P-7 PVD Systems for Advanced Packaging Applications
[Beijng NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co.,Ltd.] J. Zhen, K. Wang, W. Xia, H. Wang, P. Ding
P-8 Schottky Barrier Height of Co/CoTi contact on n/p-Si
[Tohoku University (Japan)]
K. Sato, D. Ando, Y. Sutou, and J. Koike
P-9 Contact Resistivity of Co and Co/ CoTi0.25 on p-Si
[Tohoku University (Japan)] K. Kido, K. Sato, D. Ando, Y. Sutou, and J. Koike
P-10 Cu Barrier & Seed Application & Contact Resistance Improvement by TaN/Ta Integration [Applied Materials China] Q. Zhang, G. Wu, Q. Fan, J. Kang
P-11 Cu Barrier & Seed Application and Evolution for Advanced Copper Interconnection
[Applied Materials China.] G. Wu, L. Luo, W. He, L. Zhang, J. Kang, G. Zhao
P-12 Preferential orientation of Cu(111) with large grain sizes on thin TiHfN barrier
[Kitami Institute of Technology (Japan)] M. Sato and M. B. Takeyama
P-13 Cu nanowire arrays film with high electrical conductivity and enhanced heat transfer behaviors fabricated via a facial method
1 Beijing Information Science and Technology University, 2 Beihang University] L. Cao1, 2, Y. Deng2, and M. Miao1
P-14 Investigation of TiAlC by Atomic Layer Deposition as N Type Work Function Metal for FinFET
[ Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences] X. Wang, J. Xiang, C. Zhao, and W. Wang
P-15 Investigation of Metal TaAlC by Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition Using TaCl5 and TEA as Precursors
[Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences] X. Ma, and J. Xiang
P-16 Cu(111) preferential orientation on thin HfNX films
[Kitami Institute of Technology (Japan)] M. Sato and M. B. Takeyama
P-17 Influence of residual stress on the detection of Young’s Modulus of SiO2 thin film by the surface acoustic wave technique
[Tianjin University] H. Qin, X. Xiao, X. Sui, and H. Qi
P-18 The Impact of Electron Tunneling on NBTI Degradation in Ultra- thin pMOSFETs with Sub-1nm EOT
1University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 North China University of Technology, 4 IMEC (Belgium)] L. Zhou1,2, B. Tang2, H. Xu2, Q. Liu2, H. Yang2,1, J. Zhang3, E. Simoen4, H. Yin2,1, H. Zhu2, C. Zhao2, D. Chen2 and W. Wang2,1
P-19 The Influence of ALD TiN Thickness on Reliability Issues for nMOSFET with HfO2/TiN/TiAl gate stack
1 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 National Space Science Center, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 North China University of Technology, 5 IMEC (Belgium)] H. Yang1,2, L. Zhou2,1, B. Tang1, L. Qi3, W. Luo1, H. Xu1, Q. Liu1, Y. Wang4, J. Zhang4, E. Simoen5, H. Yin1,2, H. Zhu1, C. Zhao1,2, D. Chen1 and W. Wang1,2
P-20 Thermal stress relaxation in electroplated nano-twinned copper films
[National Chiao Tung University] Y.-T. Hsu, I-H. Tseng, C. Chen, and J. Leu
P-21 Fabrication of poly-Si/TaN/TiN/HfSiAlON gate stack for pMOSFET device
[Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Science] Y. Li, Q. Xu, Z. Zhao, J. Li, and W. Wang
P-22 Clarification of oxygen vacancy at the Ge surface with GeOx passivation by ozone oxidation
1 Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences] L. Zhou1,2, X. Wang1, J. Xiang1, C. Zhao1,2, T. Ye1,2, and W. Wang1,2
P-23 Fabricating the intragranular microstructure for Al2O3/GdAlO3 ceramic composite
[North China University of Technology] S. Shuai
P-24 Influence of ZnO Nanoparticles Addition on Interfacial Intermetallic Compounds Evolution in Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Solder Joints
[North China University of Technology] M. Qu, T. Cao, Y. Cui, F. Liu, and Z. Jiao
P-25 Advanced Silicidation with Superior Thermal Budget and Defect Control
[Applied Materials China] Q. Zhou, J. Yang, H. Yang, C. Qin, C. Wang, G. Zhao
P-26 Luminescence properties of silicate glass on lutetium substrate
1 North China University of Technology, 2 University of Chinese Academy of Science, 3 State Key Laboratory of Particle Detection and Electronics, 4 Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5Harbin Institute of Technology] S. Yin1, P. Chen1, L. Ma1, S. Qian3.4, Z. Ning3.4, F. Gao2,3,4, Y. Zhu5,Z. Wang5 ,L. Wei4, X. Qin4
P-27 Preparation of Compressible 3D Graphene Structure by Emulsion Method and its Application in Pressure Sensors
[Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences] T. Wang , J. Li , F. Liu , B. Zhang , G. Zhang , and R. Sun
P-28 TCAD simulation of BN/graphene/BN heterostructure field effect transistor
1 Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 Anhui University, 3 University at Buffalo(USA)] Z. Wu 1,2, M. Zhao 1, J P Bird 3, J. Nathawat 3, G. Zhang 1, B. Sun 1, H. Chang 1, and H. Liu 1
P-29 Effect of ZnO Micron-Particles on Properties and Intermetallic Compound Layer of Sn3.0Ag0.5Cusolder
[North China University of Technology] T. Cao ,M. Qu*, Y. Cui, Z. Jiao, F. Liu
P-30 A Modified Low-Temperature Wafer Bonding Method using High-concentration Water Glass in Nitrogen Ambient
1 Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 Kunshan Branch, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences] Y. Xu1,2,3, S. Wang1,2 , Y. Wang1,2,3, and D. Chen1,2
P-31 Development of 3.6μm pitch Cu/SiO2 hybrid bonding for three dimensional integrated circuits
1 Fudan University, 2 Shanghai IC R&D Center ] Z.-J. Hu1,2, X.-P. Qu1, H. Lin2, R.-D. Huang2, X.-C. Ge2, M. Li2, S.-M. Chen2,Y.-H. Zhao2
P-32 Modification of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of CoFeB/MgO interface by controlling the crystallization of W buffer layer
1 Beihang University, 2 University of California (USA), 3 Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences] L. Wang 1, S. Peng 1, K. Shi 1, X. Li 2, W. Zhao1, and C. Zhao 3
P-33 Effect of annealing on the stability of C60 field-effect transistor with LiF protective layer
[Shaoxing University] B. Yao, H. Xu, S. Liu, Z. Fang, Y. Tan, L. Zeng, and X. Yue
P-34 Influence on curvature induced stress to the infrared spectra and the reliability of 4H-SiC (0001) thermally grown SiO2 Gate Oxide
1 Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 Tokushima University Tokushima (Japan), 3 Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co.Ltd.] H. Xu 1, 2, C. Wan 1, S.i Wang1,J. Li 3 and J. Ao 2
P-35 Fabrication of robust (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3 ferroelectric capacitor with Sn-doped In2O3 electrode
1 Osaka Prefecture University, 2 Osaka University, 3 Tohoku University (Japan)] A. Kobayashi 1,Y. Takada 1, N. Okamoto1, T. Saito1, T. Yoshimura 1, N. Fujimura 1, K. Higuchi 2, A. Kitajima 2,and R. Shishido3
P-36 The Effect of PCBM Layer on Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells Prepared by Vacuum-based and Solution-based Methods
1 Shaoxing University, 2 Shanghai University, 3 Shanghai University of Electric Power] H. Xu1, B. Yao1, S. Liu1, Y. Tan1, Z. Fang1, R. Xu2, Y. Zhu3
P-37 Fully Dense MgO Ceramics by Conventional and Vacuum Sintering
1 Grikin Advanced Materials Co. Ltd., 2 Beijing Engineering Research Center] M. Chen1, 2, J. He1, 2, Z. Ding1, 2 J. Luo1, 2, Hexin1, 2
P-38 A MEMS Actuator Driven By (Pb0.99Nb0.02)(Zr0.85Sn0.13Ti0.02)0.98O3 Antiferroelectric Thin Film
[North China University of Technology] T. Sheng, Q. Zhao, L. Pang, G. He, J. Di, M. Li
P-39 Comparison of Microjet-Print and Spin-Coating process for Graphene Oxide based Capacitive Humidity Sensor Fabrication
1 Fudan University, 2 Shanghai IC R&D Center] X. Kang1, R. Shen2,Q. Zuo2, X. Kang2, X. Zhong2, Q. Sun1, W. Zhang1
P-40 Design, Processing and Testing of MEMS Electrostatic Grooming Structure for Initiating Materials
[Beijing Institute of Technology] H. Feng, W. Lou, X. Ding, M. Liao
P-41 Design of Fast-Responding Programmable Frequency Divider
1 Tianjin University of Technology, 2 Southern Illinois University Carbondale (USA)] Z. Chen1, H. Liu 2, H. Liu1, C. Lu2
P-42 A Wide Tuning Range Push-Push LC-VCO in 55nm CMOS
1 Tianjin University of Technology, 2 Southern Illinois University Carbondale (USA)] Z. Wang 1, H. Liu1, C. Lu2
October 12th, 2018
Parallel Session : 3D and Packaging(1)
Session Chair: M.Darnon (CNRS / Université de Sherbrooke)
(Invited) Low Temperature Bonding Technology for Advanced Packaging and 3D Integration
[National Chiao Tung University]
K.-N. Chen
(Invited) Study on the AlOx film using pulsed magnetron sputtering
[Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co.,Ltd] Q. Zhou, G. Bian,
H, Wang
A Novel 3D-integrated GNC Micro-system
1 Xidian University, China, 2 Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices] G. shan 1, G. Wang 2Q. Lu 1, and Y. Yang 1
Preparation of Graphene/Aligned Carbon NanotubeArrays Composite Films for Thermal PackagingApplications
1 Shanghai University, 2 Chalmers University of Technology] B. Shan1, G. Yuan1, H. Li1, and J. Liu1,2
10:10-10:25 Break time
Parallel Session : 3D and Packaging(2)
Session Chair: O. Nakatsuka (Nagoya University)
(Invited) Integration challenges of AlGaN/GaN based devices in a CMOS Foundry
[TowerJazz Semiconductors, Israel]
R. S. Edelstein
Reduced Dielectric Loss of Li-Al-Si Photoetchable glass for 3D Package
[University of Electronic Science &Technology of China] T. Liang, J. Zhang, H. Chen, P. Zhang, H. Zhao
Thermal Stress Investigation of Annular-Trench-Isolated Through Silicon Via (TSV)
[National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (Japan)]
W. Feng, N. Watanabe, H. Shimamoto, M. Aoyagi, and K. Kikuchi
Common MEMs Micro-bridge Structure Fabricated by CMOS Al BEOL Compatible Process
1 Shanghai IC R&D Center, 2 Shanghai Huahong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation] X. Kang1,*, X. Zhong1, R. Shen1, Q. Zuo1, M. Li1, S. Chen1, Y. Zhao1, X. Zhu2, L. Zhu2, S. Liu2, J. Wang2, H. Lu2, W. Wang2, B. Zhang
Session 5: Contact
Session Chair:J. Yan ( North China University of Technology)
(Invited) Topological insulators: myths and reality
1 Institute of Semiconductor Physics, 2 Novosibirsk State University (Russia)] Z. D. Kvon1,2
Exploration of the impact of interface states density on TiSix/n+-Si contact resistivity through high-low frequency method
1 Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)] D. Zhang1,2, S. Mao1,2, X. Luo1,2, G. Wang1, J. Xu1, J. Li1, W. Wang1,2, D. Chen1,2, C. Zhao1,2, T. Ye1,2 and J. Luo1,2
Impact of Crystalline Property of SixGe1-x-ySny Ternary Alloy Interlayer on Schottky Barrier Height Engineering of Metal/Ge Contact
1 Nagoya University, 2 Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Japan)] O. Nakatsuka 1, A. Suzuki 1,2, M. Sakashita 1, and S. Zaima 1
Low Schottky Barrier Height using TiOx interlayer formed by sputtering and post-depostion anneal (PDA) between Ti and n-Ge
[Fudan University] X. Qin, X.-P. Qu*
10:00-10:25 Break time
Session 6: Dry Etching and Wet Cleaning
Session Chair: K.W.Kim (GLOBALFOUNDRIES)
(Invited) Interaction of humidity with plasma-damaged porous low-k
[CNRS / Université de Sherbrooke (Canada)]
M. Darnon
Trench etching of low-k film by neutral F beam
[Lomonosov Moscow State Univ. (Russia)] A. Palov, and E. Voronina
Development and Application of BEOL Polymer Residue Removal Technology
1 ACM Research (Shanghai), Inc., 2 Anji Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.] T. Yao1, Y. Chen1, W. Wang1, X. Zhang1, F. Chen1, D. H. Wang1, D. Chen2, S. He2, R. Xu2, L. Peng2
Challenge and Solution for TiN Hard Mask Post Etch Residue Removal in Cu Damascene Process
[Anji Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.] B. Liu, B. Xiao, W. Zhang, and L. Peng
11:55-13:00 Lunch time
Session 7: Barrier
Session Chair: N. Takeguchi (SanDisk Limited)
(Invited) Co-Ti alloy for BEOL and MOL metallization for advanced technology node
[Tohoku University (Japan)]
J. Koike, M. Hosseini, K. Kido, K. Sato, L. Chen, D. Ando, and Y. Sutou
(Invited) Evaluation of film adhesion by using surface acoustic waves
[Tianjin University]
X. Xiao, H. Qi, X. Sui, T. Kong
Effect of the NH3 plasma pulse time on atomic layer deposited TiN films
[Fudan University] Z.-J. Ding, Y.-P. Wang, B. Zhu, W.-J. Liu, S.-J. Ding
NiAl as Barrier-less Interconnect for Ultra-small Technology Node
[Tohoku University (Japan)] L. Chen, D. Ando, Y. Sutou and
J. Koike
14:40-15:00 Break time
Session 8: Integration
Session Chair: J.Leu (National Chiao Tung University)
(Invited) BEOL Integration Challenges beyond 7nm
H. W. Kim
(Invited) Selective Deposition
[Applied Materials (USA)]
D. Thompson
Stress Engineering of ALD-W for High-Aspect-Ratio Trench Filling
1 SanDisk Limited (Japan), 2 Western Digital Corp. (USA), 3 Toshiba Memory Corp. (Japan)] N. Takeguchi1, G. Mizuno1, Y. Terasawa1, K. Yamaguchi1, R. Makala2, S. Omoto3, T. Beppu3, M. Kitamura3, and M. Takeuchi3
16:20-16:35 Break time
Session 9: Reliability
Session Chair: S. Yokogawa ([The University of Electro-Communications)
(Invited) Dielectric Reliability of Highly Scaled Through Silicon Via for Wafer Level 3D-SoC Applications
[IMEC (Belgium)]
Y. Li, S. V. Huylenbroeck, J. D. Vos, G. Jamieson, C. Wu, M. Stucchi, K. Croes, G. Beyer, and E. Beyne
Stacked Graphene Layers for Efficient Moisture Barrier in Cu Metallization
1 Shibaura Institute of Technology, 2 Kyushu University, 3 SIT Research Center for Green Innovation (Japan)] P. Gomasang1, K. Kawahara2, H. Ago2, and K. Ueno1, 3
Parameter estimation accuracy of TDDB lifetime distribution with clustering defects using the Bayesian approach
[The University of Electro-Communications (Japan)]
K. Kunii, S. Endo, and S. Yokogawa
17:45-18:00 Close Remarks

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