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Advanced Metallization Conference 2016
26th Asian Session
 Conference Topics of Interest

Conference Topics of Interest

Integration: Structure, Performance, Resistance, Capacitance, Evaluation, Analysis, etc.

Reliability Science and Failure Analysis: EM, SIV, TDDB, Measurement, Evaluation, Defect Inspection, Yield Improvement, Process Variation Modeling, etc.

Metallization: PVD, CVD, ALD, ECD, Barrier Metal, Nucleation Layer, Seed Layer, Alloy, Supercritical, New Materials, etc.

Low-k Dielectric: CVD, ALD, SOD, Porous Films, New Materials, Adhesion, Interface Reaction, Air Gap, Evaluation, etc.

CMP: Planarization Technology, Slurry, Pad, Dress, End Point Detection, Cleaning, Anti-Corrosive Technology, etc.

Contact: Silicide, Interface, Solid Phase Reaction, Shallow Junction, Crystal Properties, Electron Properties, Carrier Transport, Parasitic Resistance, etc.

MEMS/RF: Structure, Materials, Packaging, Deposition Tech., Etching Tech., CMP, Electroplating, Switch, Inductor, Varactor, Resonator, Transmission Line, etc.

Emerging Technology: Active Wiring, Memristor, Sensor, Electronic Luminescence, Silicon Photonics, Power Electronics, Flexible Electronics, Energy Harvesting, etc.

Backend Device Technologies Session: Tech. for Embedding Devices (MRAM, PCRAM, ReRAM, DRAM etc.), Science and Process of Magnetic, Phase-Change and Resistive-Change Devices, Electrode, Metallization, etc.

Nanocarbon Session: Graphene, Carbon Nanotube, Deposition, Growth, Integration, Electrical Characteristics, Reliability, Evaluation, Analysis, Doping, etc.

3D and Packaging Session: TSV (Etching, CVD, PVD, Plating, CMP, etc.), Stacking Technologies (COW, WOW), Thinning, Planarizaiton, Flattening, Bonding, TMV, Bump, Stress Analysis, Thermal Management, Individuating, Redistribution Layer, Sealing, Cooling, Reliability, Test and Inspection, etc.

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