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Advanced Metallization Conference 2016
26th Asian Session
 Conference Program (Draft)

October 20, 2016
Session 1: Opening Session
Chairperson: H. Machida (Gas-Phase Growth)
9:30-9:50 Opening Remarks: T. Nemoto, General Chair [Tokyo Electron]
Award Ceremony :
Keynotes: Technology Development of CMOS Image Sensors and Future Prospects [Sony Semiconductor Solutions] T. Umebayashi
Keynotes: The technology trend of IC manufacture during post Moor’s era [SMIC] H. Wu
11:10-11:25 (Break)
Session 2: Advanced metallization
Chairperson: T. Saito (Osaka Prefecture University)
Invited: Process Technology for 3D Integrated Circuits [ON Semiconductor] J. Gambino
Thermal stability and diffusion barrier property of a Co-Ti layer for advanced copper metallization [Tohoku University] ○M. Hosseini, Y. Sutou, and J. Koike
The investigation of an amorphous Co-Hf alloy as an ultrathin single-layer barrier in LSI devices [Tohoku University] H. Koide, D. Ando, Y. Sutou, and J. Koike
12:35-13:45 (Break for Lunch)
Session 3 : Metallization and Reliability
Chairpersons: K. Maekawa (Renesas Electronics) / X. Gu (Hikstor Technology)
Invited: An Assessment of Cu Interconnect Reliability for Automotive Applications [Renesas Electronics] N. Suzumura
Cu grain orientation control on thin TaWN ternary alloy barrier [Kitami Institute of Technology] M. B. Takeyama, and M. Sato
Barrier properties of TiHfN ternary alloy films against Cu diffusion in Cu/Si contact system [1Kitami Institute of Technology, 2 Tohoku University] M. Sato1, E. Aoyagi2, and M. B. Takeyama1
Selective Cu-deposition by LPCVD using CuI [ Ibaraki University] T. Nishikawa, and ○S. Yamauchi
A simple method of parameter estimating for time-dependent clustering model in MOL/BEOL TDDB lifetime [The University of Electro-Communications] S. Yokogawa
15:35-15:50 (Break 15 min)
Session4 : Thin Film Deposition
Chairpersons: F. Ito (Toshiba)
Invited: Surface passivation structures for GaN power transistors [Hokkaido University] T. Hashizume
Atomistic methods in dielectric materials deposition and removal processes [1Tokyo Electron America, 2 Tokyo Electron Miyagi, 3 Tokyo Electron, 4 Tokyo Electron Technology Center America, 5 Tokyo Electron Tohoku, 6 University of Texas at Austin] ○P. Ventzek1, J. Yoshikawa2, M. Matsukuma3, T. Kato3, T. Nakano3, H. Ueda3, A. Ranjan4, T. Iwao5, K. Ishibashi5, G. S. Hwang6, and G. Hartmann6
Removal of organic pore template of PMO low-dielectric constant (low-k) thin films using supercritical carbon dioxide fluids [1 University of Yamanashi, 2 IMEC] E. Kondoh 1, K. Segawa 1, M. Watanabe 1, L. Zhang 2, and M. R. Baklanov 2
On the Potential of Tungsten as Next-generation Semiconductor Interconnects [Korea Institute of Materials Science] ○D. Choi, B.-J. Kim, S. Jung, S. H. Lee, and D. Kim
Special Session : Late News
Chairpersons: S. Yokogawa
(The University of Electro-Communications)
Think again Stress migration phenomenon with Stress measurement in 12years and Physical Analysis [1 Socionext. 2Fujitsu Laboratory. 3Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor. 4Tsukuba University] ○H. Matuyama1, T. Suzuki2, T. Nakamura2, M. Shiozu3, H. Ehara3, M. Oshima1, T. Soeda2 ,H. Hosoi2, and K. Yamabe4
Quasi-3D Integration Using Time-Domain Interconnection (Q3D-TD) - Realization Example and Performance Evaluation in 45 nm Technology Node - [ Tohoku University] ○K. Kotani
Microwave Annealing for Low-Thermal Budget Process of Nickel Monogermanide/Germanium Contact Formation [1Nagoya University, 2 Stanford University, 3Tokyo Electron U.S. Holdings, 4Reserach Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science] ○O. Nakatsuka1,2, Y.Watanabe2,3, A. Suzuki1,4, Y. Nishi2, and S. Zaima1
 Co thin film fabrication using hot-wire assisted atomic layer deposition [The Universiy. of Tokyo] ○T. Naka, K. Shima, T. Momose, and Y. Shimogaki
Poster Session (18:30-20:00)
Chairpersons: S. Yokogawa
(The University of Electro-Communications)
P-1 Sulfide Semiconductor Materials prepared by High-speed Electrodeposition and Discussion of Electrochemical Reaction Mechanism [Osaka Prefecture University] ○N. Okamoto, K. Kataoka, and T. Saito
P-2 Cu Ultra low-k reliability improvement by optimized thin film process integration for advanced technology nodes [Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Shanghai)] ○T. Dou, X. Song, X. Zou, D. Bei, X. Gu, J. Liu, and Z. Tong
P-3 ULK Deposition and UV Cure Impact on ULK Dielectric for High Performance Cu/ULK Interconnect [Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Shanghai)] ○X. Gu, H. Deng, Z. Tong, and X. Jing
P-4 A Study of Advanced Low K Film Etch for All-in-one Etch Scheme of Metal Hard-mask [Semiconductor Manufacturing International] M. Hu, J.-Q. Zhou, C.-L. Zhang, Q.-Y. He, and H.-Y. Zhang
P-5 Effect of Alumina Filler Addition of Non-conductive Adhesive for 3D Chip Package [1 Korea Institute of Technology (KITECH) , 2 KUST, 3 Andong National University] ○D. -H. Jung 1,2 , D. -E. Lim 1,3, S. -J. Lee 1, Y. -H. Ko 1, and J.-K. Kim 1,2
P-6 Effect of Fine Silica Filler Addition on the NCP(non-conductive paste) for CoB Flip Chip Bonding [1 KITECH, 2 Andong National University, 3 KUST] ○D. -E. Lim 1,2, D. -H. Jung 1,3, T. -Y. Lee 1, S. -J. Lee1, Y. -B. Park2, and J.-k. Kim 1 
P-7 The surface treatment process suitable for ultra-fine circuit pattern formation [Okuno Chemical Industries] ○Y. Tsuno, T. Murata, and J. Kang
P-8 Pulsed laser deposited conductive oxide electrode on Al2O3 (0001) for (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3 capacitor [1 Osaka Prefecture University, 2 Osaka University] ○Y. Takada 1, R. Tamano 1, N. Okamoto 1, T. Saito 1, T. Yoshimura 1, N. Fujimura 1, K. Higuchi2, and A. Kitajima 2
P-9 The Study of Aspect Ratio of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Etching and Postprocessing of Crystalline Silicon [Yuan Ze University] ○C. Huang, W.-T. Liu, and Y.-C.A Liu
P-10 Preparation and characterization of oriented polyvinyl alcohol / carbon nanotube composite nanofibers [Chiba University] ○A. Shimizu, H. Kato, T. Sato, and M. Kushida
P-11 Evaluation of nitrogen-doped Ultrananocrystalline diamond / p -type silicon diodes [1 Kyushu University, 2 University Aswan] A. Zkria 1,2, H. Gima 1, T. Hanada 1, and T. Yoshitake 1
 Late News Poster
 P-LN1 Laser Dicing for Higher Chip Productivity [1 Hamamatsu Photonics, 2 WOW Alliance, 3 The Graduate School for the creation of new photonics industries] ○ N. Suzuki 1, 2, 3, X. Shiqin 2, K. Atsumi 1, N. Uchiyama 1, and T. Ohba 2
 P-LN2 Ultra-thin Co(W) barrier/liner layer grown by dual target plasma sputtering [1 The University. of Tokyo, 2 CANON ANELVA] ○T. Kim1, A. Matsuo2, T. Seino2, T. Momose1, and Y. Shimogaki1
 P-LN3 In-situ measurement method of the film thickness using transparency micro-patterned pad with low refractive index under the wet condition [Kyushu Institute of Technology] ○T. Oniki, P. Khajornrungruang, and K. Suzuki
October 21, 2016 
Session 5: CMP
Chairperson: K. Suzuki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Invited: Wafer Processing and Planarization [National Taiwan University of Science & Technology] C.-C. A. Chen
In-liquid and In-situ Observation Technologies in CMP Process for Evaluating the Process Integrity [Ebara] ○S. Shima, S. Hamada, C. Takatoh, Y. Wada, and A. Fukunaga
In-situ ellipsometry of Cu surfaces immersed in BTA-H2O2 solutions - Effect of pH [1 University of Yamanashi, 2 Ebara] E. Kondoh 1, T. Kawakami 1, M. Watanabe 1, L. Jin 1, S. Hamada 2, S. Shima 2, and H. Hiyama 2
Effects of Dissolved Oxidants on Copper Surface Condition During Wafer Rinsing Step Using Dilute Aqueous Ammonia Solution as Antistatic Water [1 Organo,2 Nagaoka University of Technology] ○D. Yano 1,2, Y. Hayashi 1, M. Kawakami 1, A. Kawai 2, and K. Yamanaka 1,2
Study on Colloidal Silica Abrasive Particles Behavior Model in Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) of Sapphire [Kyushu Institute of Technology] ○N. B.-Athuek, P. Khajornrungruang, and K. Suzuki
10:50-11:10 (Break 20 min)
Session 6: DIR / 3D Device and Packaging
Chairperson: T. Owada (Dexerials)
Review Talk: Electrochemical Study of Metal Corrosion in CMP Process [Hitachi Chemical] ○ S. Kondo, Y. Ichige, and Y. Otsuka
Invited: Electrical reliability of metal interconnect on flexible polymer substrate during cyclic mechanical deformations [Korea Institute of Materials Science] B.-J. Kim
Development of a High-Yield Via-Last TSV Process Using Notchless Si Etching and Wet Cleaning of First Metal Layer [1AIST, 2 LAPIS Semiconductor] N. Watanabe 1, H. Kikuchi 2, A. Yanagisawa 2, H. Shimamoto 1, K. Kikuchi 1, M. Aoyagi 1, and A. Nakamura 2
12:30-13:30 (Break for Lunch)
Session 7: BEOL Integration and Emerging Technologies
Chairperson: M. Tada (NEC)
Invited: The challenge of copper BEOL technology in advance nodes [UMC] C. Chou
Intercalation Doping of Narrow Multilayer Graphene Interconnects [1 Toshiba,2 Tokyo Polytechnic University, 3 Tokyo Electron] ○M. Katagiri 1, H. Miyazaki 1, R. Matsumoto 2, T. Matsumoto 3, R. Ifuku 3, T. Sakai 1, and A. Kajita 1
A noble Schottky diode involving direct deposition of MLG on n-GaN by solid phase reaction [Shibaura Institute of Technology] ○Md. S. Uddin, and K. Ueno
High Performance HEMT properties fabricated on 200mm Si substrate by Novel Fast-Wafer-Rotating Single Wafer MOCVD [NuFlare Technology] ○K. Miyano, Y. Iyechika, H. Nago, M. Tsukui, T. Kobayashi, Y. Ishikawa, H. Takahashi, S. Mitani, and T. Yoda ,
15:00-15:20 (Break 20 min)
Session 8: Emerging Technologies and Processes
Chairperson: A. Kajita (Toshiba) / N. Takeguchi (SanDisk)
Invited: (A) Nanocarbon material syntheses, doping, and integration for future interconnect applications [Toshiba] T. Sakai
White Light Emission from Hybrid AC Powder Electroluminescent Devices [1 Nanyang Technological University, 2 A*STAR, ] S. Zhang 1,2, R. J. W. Teo 2, H. Su 1, C. S. Tan 1, and T. K. S. Wong 1
Effects of B doping on growth and mechanical properties of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond/Amorphous Carbon Composite Films on Cemented Carbide Substrate by Coaxial Arc Plasma Deposition [1 Kyushu University, 2 Yamaguchi University, 3 OSG] M. Egiza 1, H. Naragino 2, A. Tominaga 1, K. Murasawa 1, H. Gonda 3, M. Sakurai 3, and T. Yoshitake 1
Micro-nano Hybrid Copper-carbon Powder and Conductive Paste of it [1 Sekisui Chemical, 2 Kansai University] ○S. Ohnishi 1, A. Nakasuga 1, and K. Nakagawa2
16:50-17:00 Closing Remark:

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