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 Conference Program

October 20, 2010 
Session 1: Opening Session
Chairperson: E. Kondoh 
9:30-9:40 Opening Remarks: S. Kondo, Chair of Asian Session [Renesas Electronics]
Award Ceremony
Keynotes: Challenges in Green Nanoelectronics: Growing Expectations for Tsukuba Innovation Arena [AIST/Fujitsu Labs.] N. Yokoyama
Keynotes: Driving Innovation for Growth [Intel K. K.] T. Abe
Session 2: Nano devices and processes
Chairperson: Y. Uchida 
Invited: Integration of EUV Patterned Interconnects [IMEC] S. Demuynck
Improvement in Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Via Interconnects [1MIRAI-Selete, 2Toshiba] M. Katagiri1, 2, Y. Yamazaki1, 2, M. Wada2, M. Kitamura2, N. Sakuma1, 2, M. Suzuki1, 2, S. Sato1, M. Nihei1, A. Kajita2, T. Sakai1, 2, and Y. Awano1
Iridium Nanocrystal Thin Film Transistor Nonvolatile Memory with Asymmetric Tunnel Barrier [1Chung Hua Univ., 2Chung Hua Univ., 3National Chiao Tung Univ., 4Min Dao Univ.] T.-L. Lu1, C.-H. Wu2, T.-J. Wang3, Y.-C. Liu1, C.-T. Kuo4, and I.-J. Hsieh1
(Lunch 1 hour 40 min) 
Session 3: Chemical Mechanical Planarization
Chairpersons: Y. Tsuchiya
Invited: Novel Slurry Injector Device for Chemical Mechanical Planarization [1Univ. of Arizona, 2Araca] A. Meled1, L. Borucki2, Y. Sampurno1, 2, Y. Zhuang1, 2, S. Theng 2, and A. Philipossian1, 2
Electrochemical Etching of Ru Film Using an NH4Cl Solution with Neutral pH 11Osaka Univ., 2STARC] L. Yang1, R .Sakae1, M. Yashimaru2, M. Yamaguchi2, I. Kanno2, M. Tanaka2, C. Kimura1, and H. Aoki1
Study of Cu-Inhibitor State for Post-CMP Cleaning [1Mitsubishi Chemical, 2Osaka Univ.] K. Harada1, A. Ito1, Y. Kawase1, K. Kamiya1, T. Suzuki1, M. Hara2, R. Sakae2, C. Kimura2 , and H. Aoki2
SiC-CMP Characteristics under High Pressure Gas Atmospheres Using Manganese Slurry [1Kyushu Univ., 2Mitsubishi Chemical, 3Mitsui Mining & Smelting, 4Fujitsu] T. Hasegawa1, T. K.Doi1, S. Kurokawa1, O. Ohnishi1, Y. Kawase2, Y. Yamaguchi3, and S. Kishii1,4
Cu CMP Process Control by Using Optical CD Measurement. [Renesas Electronics] H. Tsuchiyama, T. Kamonshima, H. Takewaka, N. Uchida, and K. Sakai
(Coffee Break 20 min) 
Session 4: Low-k 1
Chairperson: H. Shibata, N. Aoi 
Invited: Interconnect Process and Structure Toward 20 nm CMOS Generation and Beyond Featuring EUVL [Renesas Electronics] N. Oda
Analysis of Sidewall Damage Layer in Low-k Film Using the Interline Dielectric Capacitance Measurements [Renesas Electronics] T. Furuhashi, M. Matsumoto, S. Kido, M. Okada, Y. Kawano, M. Fujisawa, and K. Asai
Effects of Post-etching Treatment (PET) on Molecular-pore-stacking (MPS)/Cu Interconnects for 28 nm-node and beyond [Renesas Electronics] D. Oshida, I. Kume, H. Katsuyama, T. Taiji, T. Maruyama, M. Ueki, N. Inoue, M. Iguchi, K. Fujii, N. Oda and M. Sakurai
Internal Repair for Plasma Damaged Low-k Films by Methylating Chemical Vapor [1Taiyo-Nippon Sanso, 2Tokai Univ.] S. Nagano1, K. Sakoda1, S. Hasaka1, and K. Kobayashi2
Invited: Future of PECVD and Spin on Low-k materials [IBM, Stanford Univ.] G. Dubois
Structure-Modification Model of Porogen-Based Porous SiOC Film with UV Curing [1Renesas Electronics, 2Univ. of Tsukuba] Y. Oka1, A. Uedono2, K. Goto1, Y. Hirose1, M. Matsuura1, M. Fujisawa1, and K. Asai1
Comparison of Restoration Effects between UV and Plasma-assisted Process [1ASM Japan, 2ASM Belgium] A. Nakano1, Y. Kimura1, I. Yanagisawa1, K. Matsushita1, D. de Roest2, and N. Kobayashi1
October 21, 2010 
Session 5: Low-k 2
Chairpersons: S. Fukuyama, T. Kokubo 
Invited: Patterning Integration Choices for High Performance Interconnects [Intel] R. Brain
Breakthrough Reduction of Low-k Damage with Cryoplasma Ashing [1Univ. of Tokyo, 2IBM, 3Stanford Univ.] F. Iacopi1, J.H. Choi1, H. Muneoka1, S. Mori1, K. Terashima1, P.M. Rice2, L. Krupp2, and G. Dubois2, 3
Enhancement of RIE Plasma Resistance of Porous Silica Low-k Films [ULVAC] M. Hirakawa, I. Tojo, T. Yamazaki, T. Kusawake, T. Kagami, T. Nakayama, and H. Murakami
Damage-inducing Mechanism in Low-k Films due to VUV, UV Radiation, Radical and Ion in Etching and Ashing Plasma [Nagoya Univ.] K. Takeda, Y. Miyawaki, M. Sekine, and M. Hori
(Coffee Break 20 min) 
Isobutyl Silane Precursors for SiCH low-k Cap Layer beyond the 22 nm Node: Analysis of Film Structure for Compatibility of Lower k-value and High Barrier Properties [1Taiyo-Nippon Sanso, 2Univ. of Tokyo, 3National Institute for Materials Science, 4Tri Chemical Lab.] H. Shimizu1, 2, N. Tajima3, T. Kada4, S. Nagano1, and Y. Shimogaki2
Electrical Characteristics of Novel Non-porous Low-k Dielectric Fluorocarbon on Cu Interconnects for 22 nm Generation and Beyond [1Tohoku Univ., 2Tokyo Electron Tech.] X. Gu1, T. Nemoto1, 2, Y. Tomita1, K. Miyatani2, A. Saito2, Y. Kobayashi2, A. Teramoto1, S. Kuroki1, T. Nozawa2, T. Matsuoka2, S. Sugawa1, and T. Ohmi1
In-situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry in Supercritical CO2 Solutions and Its Application to Low-k Thin Film Characterization [Univ. of Yamanashi] E. Kondoh, Y. Tamegai, K. Kotaka, and L. Jin
(Lunch 1 hour 20 min)
Session 6: Metal 1
Chairpersons: K. Maekawa, H. Kawasaki 
Invited: Interconnect Scaling Trends and Opportunities [IBM] S.V. Nitta
Invited: Metallization for Integrated Circuits via Electroplating in Sc-CO2 emulsion [Tokyo Inst. of Tech.] M. Sone
Role of Impurity Segregation to Cu/Cap Interface and Grain Boundary on Resistivity and Electromigration in Cu/Low-k Interconnects [Renesas Electronics] S. Yokogawa, and Y. Kakuhara
Punch-through Process in the Sequence of Cu-Mn Deposition [Fujitsu Semiconductor] M. Haneda, T. Tabira, and H. Sakai
Effect of Impurities and Microstructure of Cu Electroplating Films on Cu Interconnects Reliability Using CuAl Alloy Seed [Renesas Electronics] S. Muranaka, M. Sueyoshi, K. Mori, K. Maekawa, M. Fujisawa, and K. Asai
(Coffee Break 20 min) 
Session 7: Metal 2
Chairpersons: S. Yokogawa 
Invited: Comparison of Process Options for Improving Electromigration in 28 nm Node Technologies and beyond [Globalfoundries] O.Aubel, C.Hennesthal, J. Hahn, J.Boemmels, M.Nopper, R. Seidel
CVD Cobalt as an Enhancement Layer to Improve Cu/Low-k Interconnect Performance [Samsung Electronics] H. Lee, T. Matsuda, J. Kang, H. Jung, J. Hong, J. Yun, J. Park, J. Lee, I. Park, G. Choi, S. Choi, and C. Chung
Effect of Chemical Reaction on Cu Alloy/TaN Interfacial Toughness [Univ. of Tokyo] S. Ikemoto, S. Nambu, J. Inoue, and T. Koseki
Effect of Low Electron Barrier Height Elements Addition on Nickel Silicide Contact Resistance for Advanced CMOS [TSMC] H.C. Hsu, C.W. Nieh, W.C. Tsai, Y.C. Lin, C.P. Lo, C.H. Lai, C.W. Chen, Y.C. Chen, C.H. Wang, P.H. Lee, C.C. Lin, T.L. Lee, D.W. Lin, M.Y. Wang, M.D. Lei, and H.J. Tao
Session 7: MEMS
Chairpersons: N. Shimoyama 
An RF-MEMS Tunable Capacitor Using Quadruple Series Capacitor Structure and Brittle Material Springs [Toshiba] H. Yamazaki, T. Ikehashi, T. Saito, E. Ogawa, T. Masunaga, K. Masunish, Y. Tomizawa, T. Ohguro, Y. Sugizaki, and H. Shibata
Digitally Controllable RF MEMS Inductor [Tokyo Inst. of Tech.] A. Shirane, Y. Mizuochi, S. Amakawa, N. Ishihara and K. Masu
Poster Session and Banquet (17:20-19:40)
Chairperson: K. Ueno 
Cu, BMs, and silicides 
P-1 Bottom-up Deposition of Advanced iPVD Cu Process Integrated with iPVD Ti and CVD Ru [Tokyo Electron AT] T. Ishizaka, T. Sakuma, M. Kawamata, O. Yokoyama, T. Kato, A. Gomi, C. Yasumuro, H. Toshima, T. Fukushima, Y. Mizusawa, T. Hatano, and M. Hara
P-2 Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper Using Very Low-cost Cu (I) Precursor [Tokyo Electron] I. Gunji, H. Itoh, Y. Kashiwagi, M. Narushima, and S. Hosaka
P-3 Prediction of Stress Induced Voiding Lifetime in Cu Damascene Interconnect by Computer Aided Vacancy Migration Analysis [Tohoku Univ.] H. Shigeyama, T. Nemoto, and A. T. Yokobori, Jr1
P-4 The Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystal Copper Thin Film [Univ. of Tokyo] K.S. Angkhirasakhup, J. Inoue, and T. Koseki
P-5 Self-annealing at Room Temperature of Copper Electroplating by Additive Free Bath [Tokyo Inst. of Tech.] E. Shinada, T.-F.M. Chang, A. Shibata, M. Sone
P-6 Mechanism Verification on the Electrochemical Migration of Fine Cu Wiring [IBIDEN] D. Komatsu, N. Takahashi and T. Furutani
P-7 Improved Step Coverage of Cu Seed Layers by Magnetic Field Assisted Ionized Sputtering [ULVAC] Y. Sakamoto, K. Kamada, J. Hamaguchi, A. Sano, Y. Numata, S. Kodaira, S. Toyoda, and K. Su
P-8 Radical Step Coverage Improvement in Directional Beam Target (DBT) Sputter [1Handong Global Univ., 2National Fusion Research Institute, 3Kookje Electric Korea] J. T. Kim1, Y. C. Park1, B. J. Lee2, and J. H. Han3
P-9 Structural and Electrical Characteristics of Cu-Mn/SiOC/Si [1Tohoku Univ., 2Toray Research Center] S. M. Chung1, J. Koike1, Y. Otsuka2, H. Sako2, K. Ishibashi2, and N. Kawasaki2
P-10 Thermal Performance of a New Cu Alloy Film for Advanced Interconnects [1Chin-Min Inst. of Tech., 2National Taiwan Univ. of Science and Tech., 3National Taiwan Ocean Univ.] C.H. Lin1 , J.P. Chu2, and W.K. Leau3
P-11 Characteristics of ZrNx Films Prepared by Radical Reaction of Sputtered Zr [1Kitami Inst. of Tech., 2Tohoku Univ.] M. Sato1, M.B. Takeyama1, Y. Hayasaka2, E. Aoyagi2, and A. Noya1
P-12 Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of TaCx films Using a New Ta Precursor and H2 Plasma; Applications to Diffusion Barrier for Cu Metallization and Metal Gate for NMOS [1Yeungnam Univ., 2Applied Materials, 3DNF solution] T.-H. Kim1, T.-K. Eom1, H. Kim2, S. Yu2, J. M. Lim3, and S.-H. Kim1
P-13 Atomic Layer Deposition of Thin VNx Film from TDEAV Precursor [1Kitami Inst. of Tech., 2Gas-phase Growth, 3Tohoku Univ.] M.B. Takeyama1, M. Sato1, H. Sudoh2, H. Machida2, S. Ito3, E. Aoyagi3, and A. Noya1
P-14 Atomic Layer Deposition of Novel Ru-Al-O Thin Films for Seedless Copper Electroplating Applications [1Yeungnam Univ, 2NCD Tech.] T.-H. Cheon1, T.-K. Eom1, S.-H. Choi1, K.-J. Choi2, and S.-H. Kim2
P-15 Improvement of the Performance of Ru Diffusion Barrier against Cu by Incorporating Very Thin WNx Thin Films for Cu Metallization [Yeungnam Univ.] W. Sari, T.-K. Eom, S.-H. Choi, and S.-H. Kim
P-16 Formation of Palladium Silicide Thin Layers on Si (110) Substrates [Nagoya Univ.] R. Suryana, O. Nakatsuka, and S. Zaima
Nanometal technology 
P-17 Chemical Vapor Deposition of Nanocarbon on Electroless Ni-B Alloy Catalyst [Shibaura Inst. of Tech.] T. Tanaka, T. Sato, Y. Karasawa, and K. Ueno
P-18 GeSbTe Composition in Minute Hole Filled by Chemical Vapor Deposition for Phase Change Memory [1Gas-phase Growth, 2Meiji Univ., 3Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech., 4Toyota Tech. Inst.] H. Machida1, T. Horiike2, S. Hamada2, T. Uno2, N. Sawamoto2, M. Ishikawa1, 3, A. Ogura2, and Y. Ohshita4
P-19 Magnetic Properties of Fe-Pt Alloy Films Electrodeposited from a Bath Containing a Trivalent Iron Salt [Univ. of Shinshu] T. Kamo, and S. Arai
P-20 A Study on Electrical Etching Methods on the Surface of an Ag Nanowire for Detecting Ammonia Vapor [KAIST] J. Kwon, H. Shim, D. Lim, K. Kang, J. Lee, K. Kim, and S. Kim
P-21 Highly Hermetic Barrier Low-k SiC (k<3.5) by Using New Precursor for 28 nm-Node Devices and beyond [1Renesas Electronics, 2Taiyo-Nippon Sanso, 3Tri Chemical Lab.] C. Kobayashi1, Y. Miura1, S. Nagano2, K. Ohto1, H. Shimizu2, T. Kada3, T. Ohira3, T. Usami1, and K. Fujii1
P-22 First Evaluation of New Advanced SOG 2.0 Low-k Material [1IMEC, 2Moscow Inst. of Electronic Tech., 3SBA Materials] E.A. Smirnov1, 2, K. Vanstreels1, P. Verdonk1, D. Shamiryan1, M.R. Baklanov1, M. Phillips3
P-23 Influence of the UV Cure on Advanced PECVD low k Materials [1IMEC, 2ASM Belgium] P. Verdonck1, E.V. Besien1, C. Trompoukis1, K. Vanstreels1, A. Urbanowicz1, D.D. Roest2, and M.R. Baklanov1
P-24 BEOL Reliability Improvement by Enhancing Porous SiCOH Dielectric's Mechanical Strength without Increasing RC Delay for 45 nm and beyond [United Microelectronics] B.-S. Tsai, W. Chen, Y.-J. Hung, C.C. Liu, and J.F. Lin
P-25 A Wafer-level Reliability Evaluation of the Cu/Low-k Wiring [CASMAT] H. Kawakami, M. Itoh, and Y. Kawamoto
CMP, cleaning, and related technologies 
P-26 Slurry Supplying Method for Large Quartz Glass Substrate Polishing [1Kyushu Institute of Tech., 2Toppan Printing] P. Khajornrungruang1, R. Yui1, N. Wada2, K. Suzuki1, and K. Kimura1
P-27 Characteristics of Silicon CMP Performed in Various High Pressure Atmospheres, - Development of a New Double-side Simultaneous CMP Machine Housed in a High Pressure Chamber - [1Kyushu Univ., 2Kyushu Univ., 3The Koshiyama Science and Tech. Foundation, 4Fujikoshi Machinery] K. Kitamura1, T. Doi1, S. Kurokawa1 , O. Ohnishi1, Y. Umezaki1, T. Yamazaki1, Y. Matsukawa1, T. Hasegawa1, I. Koshiyama2, and K. Ichikawa3
P-28 Development on Original End Point Detection Utilizing Eddy Current Variation by Skin Effect in Chemical Mechanical Polishing [Tokyo Seimitsu] T. Fujita, K. Kitade and T. Yokoyama
P-29 Tribological and Kinetic Characterization of 300-mm Copper Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process [1Univ. of Arizona, 2Araca, 3Intel] Z. Han1, Y. Zhuang1, 2, Y. Sampurno1, 2, A. Meled2, Y. Jiao1, X. Wei1, J. Cheng1, M. Moinpour3, D. Hooper3, and A. Philipossian1, 2
P-30 CMP Characteristic on Crystal Orientations of Single-crystal Si and High-precision Planarization CMP of Poly-Si [1Kyushu Univ., 2Shin-Etsu Chemical ] S. Yoshiura2, T. Doi2, S. Kurokawa2, O. Ohnishi2, amd N. Shinya2
P-31 Effect of Temperature on Pad Surface Contact Area in Chemical Mechanical Planarization [1Univ. of Arizona, 2Araca, 3Cabot Microelectronics] Y. Jiao1, Y. Zhuang1, 2, Z. Han1, X. Liao1, Y. A. Sampuno1, 2, A. Naman3, and A. Philipossian1, 2
P-32 Electrochemical Reactions during Ru CMP and Safety Considerations [Ebara] S. Shima, Y. Wada, K. Tokushige, A. Fukunaga, and M. Tsujimura
P-33 Disappearance of Barrier Metal during Cu CMP Processing and Its Mechanism [Fujimi] H. Asano, A. Yasui, T. Hirano, K. Tamai, and H. Morinaga
P-34 The Studies of Ru-CMP Process Development for 22 nm Node and Beyond [1Ebara, 2Ebara Technologies, 3Tokyo Electron Tech. Center of America] T. Nomura1, S. Paul2, H.-M. Wang2, T. Iizumi1, Y. Wada1, K. Tokushige1, M. Tsujimura1, J. Rullan3, H. Nagai3, and S. Mizuno3
P-35 Study on Sapphire Chemical Mechanical Polishing using Mixed Abrasive Slurry with Fullerenol [Kyushu Institute of Tech.] K. Suzuki, T. Saitou, T. Korezawa, P. Khajornrungruang, and K. Kimura
P-36 Semiconductor Device Cleaning with Liquid Aerosol Nozzle using Rotary Atomizer Method [1Asahi Sunac, 2Kyushu Univ.] Y. Seike1, K. Miyachi1, S. Kurokawa2, O. Ohnishi2, and T. Doi2
P-37 Application of Novel Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Using Waveguide Mode for Single-Wafer Cleaning Process [1Kaijo, 2Shibaura Inst. of Tech.] K. Suzuki1, Y. Imazeki1, K. Han1, S. Okano1, J. Soejima1, and Y. Koike2
P-38 Tribological Effects of Brush Scrubbing in Post-CMP Cleaning on the Electrical Characteristics in the Novel Non-porous Low-k Dielectric on Cu Interconnects [Tohoku Univ.] X. Gu, T. Nemoto, Y. Tomita, A. Teramoto, S. Sugawa, and T. Ohmi
P-39 Evaluation of Cu-CMP Corrosion Caused by Different Density Pattern Connection [CASMAT] K. Okutani
P-40 New Corrosion Inhibitor for Post Cu-CMP Cleaning Solution [Kanto Chemical] Y. Murakami, and N. Ishikawa
P-41 Diamond Conditioner Microwear Effect on Pad Surface Height Distribution in Tungsten Chemical Mechanical Polishing [1Hitachi, 2A.L.M.T.] Y. Yamada1, M. Kawakubo1, and K. Kadomura2
P-42 Quantification of Asperity's Conditions on Pad Surface with Diamond Conditioner [1A.L.M.T., 2Kyushu Univ., 3Hitachi] K. Kadomura1, S. Kurokawa2, T. Doi2, T. Akama2, Y. Yamada3, Y. Matsukawa2, Y. Umezaki2, and O. Ohnishi2
P-43 Investigation of Effects of CMP Conditioner Aggressiveness on Oxide and Cu Wafer Removal Rates [Saint Gobain Abrasives] T. Hwang, and R. Vedantham
October 22, 2010 
Session 8: 3D special session
Chairpersons: T.ohba, D. L. Diehl, D. Shu, J. Koike, J. Amanokura
9:25-9:30 Brief Note of 3D Session: T. Ohba [Univ. of Tokyo]
Keynotes: 3DIC TSV Stacking - Challenges and Opportunities [TSMC] S.-P. Jeng
Keynotes: Updated Results of R&D on Functionally Innovative 3D-Integrated Circuit (Dream Chip) Technology in FY2009 [ASET] M. Kada
(Coffee Break 20min)
Invited: TSV based 3DIC integration technology [ITRI] T. K. Ku
Invited: New Generation of Cost-effective Seedless Techinologies for Through Silicon Vias [Alchimer] C. Truzzi, and S. Lerner
(Lunch 1hour 20min)
Invited: 3D Integration Technology Using Bumpless Wafer on Wafer (WOW) Stacking [1Fujitsu Lab., 2Univ.of Tokyo, 3Dai Nippon Printing] T. Nakamura1, H. Kitada1, 2, N. Maeda2, K. Fujimoto3, and T. Ohba2
Invited: Overview on 3D IC Packaging Technology Trend [ASE] K. C. Yee
TSV Technology for 3D Reconfigurable Chip (3D FlexChip) [ASET] K.Takeda, M.Aoki, K.Hozawa, K.Osada and Y.Nakagawa
Formation and Evaluation of Electroless Barrier Films for High Aspect Ratio Through-Si Vias [1Kansai Univ. 2Kobe Advanced Research Center] H. Miyake1, F. Inoue1, T. Yokoyama1, T. Shimizu1, S. Tanaka2, T. Terui2 and S.Shingubara1
Investigation of Total Thickness Variation for Wafer Stack varied with Bonding Pressure and Adhesive Polymer Uniformity [1Dai Nippon Printing, 2Ayumi Industry and 3Univ. of Tokyo] K. Sakamoto1, K. Fujimoto1, H. Abe2, N. Maeda3, H. Kitada3, K. Suzuki1, and T. Ohba3
(Coffee Break 20min)
Invited: Trend of Flash memory and 3 dimensional technology [Natinal Chiao Tung Univ.] R. Shirota
Stress and Diffusion Resistance of Low Temperature CVD Dielectrics for Multi-TSVs on Bumpless Wafer-on-Wafer (WOW) Technology [1Univ.of Tokyo, 2Fujitsu Lab., 3Dai Nippon Printing] H. Kitada1, 2, N. Maeda1, K. Fujimoto3, Y. Mizushima2, Y. Nakata2, T. Nakamura2, and T. Ohba1
Characterization of Local Strain around Through-Silicon Via Interconnects by Using X-ray Microdiffraction [1Nagoya Univ., 2Univ.of Tokyo, 3Fujitsu Lab.] O. Nakatsuka1, H. Kitada2, Y. S. Kim2, Y. Mizushima3, T. Nakamura3, T. Ohba2 and S. Zaima1
Formation of TSV for the Stacking of Advanced Logic Devices Utilizing Bumpless Wafe r-on-Wafer Technology [1Applied Materials Japan, 2Applied Materials Inc., 3Applied Materials Inc., 4Fujitsu Lab., 5Univ.of Tokyo] D. Diehl1, H. Kitada4, 5, N. Maeda5, K. Fujimoto5, S. Ramaswami2, K. Sirajuddin2, R. Yalamanchili2, B. Eaton2, N.Rajagopalan2, R. Ding2, S. Patel2, Z Cao2, R. Kulzer3, I. Drucker3, D. Erickson3, T. Ritzdorf3, T. Nakamura4 and T. Ohba5
High speed Copper CMP Slurry for TSV application based on AFM analysis [1Hitachi Chemical, 2Hitachi] J.Amanokura1, H.Ono1 and K.Hombo2
17:40-17:45 3D Closing Remark: D.Shu [ITRI]
17:45-17:55 ADMETA Closing Remark: K. Ueno [Shibaura Institute of Technology]

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