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 Conference Topics of Interests

 Metal CVD, ALD, PVD, Electroplating, Barrier Metal Films, Selective Deposition Technology, etc.

Interconnect & Dielectric Materials:
 Interconnect, Carbon Nanotube Wires, Contacts, Diffusion Barriers, Low-k, High-k, etc.

Materials Science of Thin Films, Surfaces and Interfaces:
 Thin Film Properties, Grain Properties, Surface and Interface Structure and Reaction, Diffusion Properties, etc

Reliability Science and Failure Analysis (linked with the Special Session):
 Reliability Engineering, EM Evaluation, SIV Evaluation, Measurement Evaluation Technology, Defect Inspection, Yield Improvement, etc.

Planarization Technology:
 CMP, Pad/Slurry Technology, End Point Detection, New Planarization Technology, etc

Deposition Technology:
 New CVD Methods, ALD, PVD, Electroplating, Selective Deposition, High Temperature Deposition / Reflow, High Pressure Filling, etc.

Processing Science and Modeling:
 Deposition and Etching from Gases, Liquids and Solids, Process Modeling, etc.

 Porosimetry, Film Strength, Film Density, Film Adhesion Measurement, etc.

Process Integration Issues:
 Metal Gate, Silicide/Salicide, ILD Deposition and Planarization, Surface Cleaning/Treatments, Metal/Dielectric Etching, Barrier/Cu Interconnect Formation, Low-k Technologies.

Advanced Structures and Scaling Issues:
 DRAM, Flash, Automotive Device Interconnects, Printed Substrate Wiring, Interconnect Design, Interconnect Modeling, New Interconnect Construction Technologies, Airgap, Inductive Coupling, Wireless, etc.

System in a Package:
 Packaging/Mounting Technology, Bump Technology, Wafer Bonding, 3-D Stacked Chip Technology, etc.

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