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 Conference Program

October 20, 2009
Session 1: Opening Session
Chairperson: S. Kondo
Opening Remarks: Y. Shimogaki, Chair of Asian Session [The Univ. of Tokyo]
Award Ceremony
Keynotes: Be The World's No.1 [Elpida Memory] Y. Sakamoto
Keynotes: Enabling 3D - process technologies for devices, interconnect and packaging [Applied Materials] H. Stork
Session 2: Wet Process/Corrosion
Chairperson: S. Kondo
Invited: Application of High-Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) Technology to Cu/Low-k Process [Intermolecular] D. Lazovsky
Effect of Pattern Layout and Dissolved Oxygen in CO2 Rinse Water on Cu Corrosion during Post-Etch Cleaning [Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, *Organo] K.Tokuri Yamashita*, M. Shiohara, N. Oda, S. Kondo, and S. Saito
A Study of Photo Corrosion with Photodiode and Quartz Crystal Microbalance [Ebara] S. Shima, Y. Wada, K. Tokushige, A. Fukunaga, and M. Tsujimura
(Lunch 1hour 20min)
Session 3: Low-k Dielectrics
Chairpersons: Y. Uchida, T. Kokubo
Invited: Integration of Photo-Patternable Low-K Materials into Advanced Cu BEOL [IBM] Q. Lin
Novel precursor for development of Si-C2H4-Si networks in SiCH for application as a low-k cap layer beyond the 22 nm node [Taiyo-Nippon Sanso, *National Institute for Material Science, **Tri Chemical Laboratories] H. Shimizu, *N. Tajima, **T. Kada, S. Nagano, Y. Ohashi, and S.Hasaka
Integration of porogen-based low-k films: influence of capping layer thickness and long thermal anneals on low-k damage and reliability [ASM Belgium, *IMEC, **ASM Japan] D. De Roest, B. Vereecke*, C. Huffman*, N. Heylen*, K. Croes*, H. Arai**, N. Takamure**, J. Beynet, H.Sprey, K. Matsushita**, N. Kobayashi**, P. Verdonck*, S. Demuynck*, G. Beyer*, Z. Tokei*
Characterization of damage in Low-k side walls by micro beam IR method [Toray Research Center] H. Seki, T. Matsunobe, H. Hashimoto
Trench Sidewall Elimination Effect on Line-to-Line Leakage Current in Scalable Porous Silica (k = 2.1)/Cu Interconnect Structure [Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies] A. Gawase, S. Chikaki, N. Nakamura, E. Soda, N. Oda, and S. Saito
Cu/low-k Interconnects for 32nm-node and beyond with High Etching-selective [Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, *Taiyo Nippon Sanso] J. Nakahira, S. Nagano*, A. Gawase, Y. Ohashi*, H. Shimizu*, S. Chikaki, N. Oda, S. Kondo, S. Hasaka*, and S. Saito
(Coffee Break 20min)
Session 4: CMP
Chairperson: D. L. Diehl
Invited: Kinetic and Tribological Fundamentals of CMP processes [The Univ. of Arizona] A.Philipossian
Cu Dual-Damascene Interconnects with Direct-CMP process on porous low-k Film [Renesas Technology] J. Izumitani, D. Kodama, S. Kido, H. Chibahara, Y. Oka, K. Goto, N. Suzumura, M. Fujisawa, and H. Miyatake
Hybrid e-CMP/CMP Process for Cu Dual Damascene TSV Interconnects by Using Non-Contact Electrode e-CMP Pad [Roki Techno, *The Univ. of Tokyo] D. Abe, T. Enomoto, S. Tominaga, H. Kitada*, and T. Ohba*
Session 5: New Interconnect Technologies
Chairperson: K. Asai
Invited: Novel Printing Process of Organic TFT Backplane for Flexible Electronic Paper [Ricoh] K. Suzuki, K. Yutani, A. Onodera, T. Tano, H. Tomono, A. Murakami, M.Yanagisawa, K. Kameyama, and I. Kawashima
Amorphous Carbon Hard Mask for 45nm Contact Patterning [Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, *Applied Materials South East Asia] X. S. Rao, J. Widodo, W. Lu , M. S. Zhou, L. C. Hsia, T. Chu*, R. K. H. Lee*, A. Jain*, H. Yu*, B. T. Nguyen*, and D. Padhi *
MEMS inductor configurations with shields for achieving large inductance variations [Tokyo Institute of Technology] Y. Mizuochi, S.Amakawa, N. Ishihara, and K. Masu
Guest Paper from AMC USA: Stefan E. Schulz (Chemnitz Univ. of Technology)
Session 6: Poster Session & Banquet (18:40-20:30)
Chairperson: K. Ueno
(P-1) Photoinduced Leakage Current in SiCN Dielectrics for Copper Diffusion Barriers [Tokai Univ.] T. Ide, and K. Kobayashi
(P-2) Proposal of New Precursors for PECVD SiOCH Low-k films with Plasma Damage Resistance [Taiyo-Nippon Sanso, *National Institute for Material Science, **Tri Chemical Laboratories] Y. Ohashi, N. Tajima*, Y. Xu**, T. Kada**, S. Nagano, H. Shimizu, and S. Hasaka
(P-3) Penetration Characteristics of ALD-TiN to 1nm-pore Low-k SOD Films [ULVAC] M. Hirakawa, T. Yamazaki, I. Tojo, T. Nakayama, and H. Murakami
(P-4) Determinant of Electrical Leakage Current for porous SiOC film [ASM Japan] K. Matsushita, A. Nakano, I. Yanagisawa, Y. Nonaka, and N. Kobayashi
(P-5) UV-cured silicon nitride stress modulation [Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing] J. Z. Tian, B. Zuo, W. Lu, M. S. Zhou, L. C. Hsia
(P-6) SACVD O3-TEOS Process for STI Gap-Fill [Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing] X. S. Rao, B. Zuo, W. Lu, M. S. Zhou, and L. C. Hsia
(P-7) An Effective Approach for Developing Nitrogen Doped Silicon Carbide Dielectric Diffusion Barrier Films for Improved Device Reliability in Metal HM Low-k BEOL Integration [Novellus Systems International, *Novellus Systems, **United Microelectronics Corporaiton] L. L. Soh, A. Banerji*, W. Graff, G. Jiang*, M. Sriram*, H.-J. Wu*, H. C. Fang**, S. W. Liau**, Y. H. Liu**
Metal gate/Silicide/others
(P-8) Formation of Palladium Silicide on Heavily Doped Si (001) Substrates Using Ti Intermediate Layer [Nagoya Univ.] R. Suryana, O. Nakatsuka, and S. Zaima
(P-9) Low Temperature Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Co [Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology, *Air Liquide US, **Air Liquide Laboratories] J.-M. Kim, H.-B.-R. Lee, C. Lansalot*, C. Dussarrat*, J. Gatineau**, and H. Kim
(P-10) Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Ni [Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology, *Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology] H.-B.-R. Lee, S. H. Bang, G. H. Gu, Y. K. Lee*, T.-M. Chung*, C. G. Kim*, C. G. Park, and H. Kim
(P-11) GeSbTe-thin film formation by CVD for next generation memory (PCRAM: Phase Change RAM) materials [Gas-phase Growth, *The Univ. of Tokyo, **Meiji Univ., Toyota Technological Institute] H. Machida,*, S. Hamada**, T. Horiike**, M. Ishikawa,*,**, A. Ogura**, Y. Ohshita***, and T. Ohba**
Barrier metal
(P-12) Failure Mechanism of Extremely Thin VN barrier between Cu and SiO2 [Kitami Institute of Technology] M. B. Takeyama, T. Itoi, and A. Noya
(P-13) Reactively Sputtered Nanocrystalline ZrN Film as Extremely Thin Diffusion Barrier between Cu and SiO2 [Kitami Institute of Technology] M. B. Takeyama, M. Sato, and A. Noya
(P-14) Alloying effect on interfacial toughness of Cu/TaN interface [The Univ. of Tokyo] S. Ikemoto, S. Nambu, J. Inoue, and T. Koseki
Cu deposition
(P-15) Enhanced Grain Growth of Electroplated Copper Film by Annealing in Super-Critital CO2 with H2 [Shibaura Institute of Technology, *KISCO, **Toray Research Center] Y. Shimada, S. Yomogida*, S. Akahori**, T. Yamamoto**, T. Yamaguchi, K. Aoki, A. Matsuyama*, T. Yata*, H. Hashimoto**, and K. Ueno
(P-16) Initial Cu growth in Cu-seeded and Ru-lined narrow trenches for supercritical fluid Cu chemical deposition [Univ. of Yamanashi] E. Kondoh, M. Matsubara, and K. Tamai
(P-17) Fundamental Study on CMP Slurry of Cobalt Barrier Metal for Next Generation Process [Nitta haas] H. Nishizawa, H. Nojo, and A. Isobe
(P-18) Evaluation of Cu-CMP slurry performance using CMP TEG wafer [Consortium for Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Related Technologies] K. Okutani, Y. Ootsuki, T. Tanaka, and Y. Kawamoto
(P-19) Stress Analysis for Chip-Package Interaction of Cu/Low-k Multi-layer Interconnects [Hitachi, *Renesas Technology] Y. Kumagai, H. Ohta, M. Fujisawa*, T. Iwamoto*, and A. Ohsaki*
(P-20) Perfect conformal electroless plating of barrier and Cu for TSV [Kansai Univ. *National Institute of Information and Communications Technology] T. Yokoyama, F. Inoue, K. Yamamoto*, S. Tanaka*, and S. Shingubara
(P-21) Wafer Level Alignment Accompanied With Wafer Stacking for wafer-on-a-wafer (WOW ) Technology using Polymer Adhesive [Dai Nippon Printing, * Nissan Chemical Industries, ** The Univ. of Tokyo] K. Fujimoto, M. Akazawa, H. Uehara*, J. Katayama* , N. Maeda**, H. Kitada**, K. Suzuki, and T. Ohba**
(P-22) Development of Permanent Bonding Material for 3DI Process [Nissan Chemical Industries, *Dai Nippon Printing, **The Univ. of Tokyo] H. Uehara, J. Katayama*, K. Fujimoto*, N. Maeda**, H. Kitada**, K. Suzuki*, and T. Ohba**
October 21, 2009
Session 7: Cu Deposition
Chairpersons: J. Koike, O. Nakatsuka
Invited: Copper Films Grown via Copper Oxide ALD: Routes and Challenges for Integration into Next-Generation Interconnects [Chemnitz Univ. of Technology] S.E. Schulz, T. Waechtler, L. Hofmann
An optimization of dual-damascene through silicon via (DD-TSV) copper plug using ECP-Cu and e-CMP for Wafer-on-a-Wafer (WOW) technology [Dai Nippon Printing, *Roki Techno, **The Univ. of Tokyo] Y. Hitomi, K. Fujimoto, S. Tominaga* ,H. Kitada**, and T. Ohba**
The step coverage quality of Cu film by SCFD compared with CVD [The Univ. of Tokyo] T. Momose, M. Sugiyama, and Y. Shimogaki
Copper Electroplating Process for Via Filling in 3D Packaging [Ebara] M. Nagai, M. Simoyama, Y. Tamari, M. Tanaka, N. Saito, and F. Kuriyama
(Coffee Break 20min)
Session 8: Contact/Silicide
Chairpersons: O. Nakatsuka, J. Koike
Invited: Contact Technology for Nano-Scaled CMOS [Nagoya Univ.] S. Zaima
Atomic Layer Deposition of Nickel Thin Films and Application to Area Selective Deposition [Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology s, *Seoul National Univ.] W.-H. Kim, H.-B.-R. Lee, K. Heo*, S. Hong*, and H. Kim
Tungsten Contact and Line Resistance Reduction with advanced Pulsed Nucleation Layer (PNL) and Low Resistivity Tungsten (LRW) treatment [Novellus Systems, *NEC Electronics, **Novellus Systems Japan] A.Chandrashekar, F. Chen, J. Lin, R. Humayun, P. Wongsenakhum, S. Chang, M. Danek, E. Klawuhn, T. Itou*, T. Nakayama*, A. Kariya*, M. Kawaguchi**, S. Hizume**
(Lunch 1hour 20min)
Session 9: Cu/Barrier Depostion
Chairpersons: M. B. Takeyama, E. Kondoh
Restraint of Copper Oxidation using Barrier Restoration Technique with Cu-Mn alloy [Fujitsu Microelectronics] M. Haneda, N. Ohtsuka, H. Kudo, T. Tabira, M. Sunayama, N. Shimizu, H. Ochimizu, and A.Tsukune
Advanced Barrierless Metallization for Cu Interconnect Applications [Chin-Min Institute of Technology, *National Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology, **National Taiwan Ocean Univ.] C. H. Lin , J. P. Chu* , W. K. Leau**, and D. Y. Yu**
Diffusion barrier properties of 10 nm RuW alloy for advanced Cu Metallization [National Cheng Kung Univ., *United Microelectronics Corporaiton] J.-B.Yeh, D.-C. Perng, K.-C. Hsu, and C. Huang*
Effects of Water Desorption from Dielectric Substrates on the Thickness of the CVD-MnO Diffusion Barrier Layer [Tokyo Electron, *Tohoku Univ.] K. Matsumoto, K. Neishi*, H. Itoh, H. Miyoshi, H. Sato, S. Hosaka, and J. Koike*
The Properties of Cu-In Alloy on Porous SiOCH for Advanced Copper Metallization [National Cheng Kung Univ., *United Microelectronics Corporaiton] D.-C. Perng, K.-C. Hsu, J.-B. Yeh, and C. Huang*
Selective formation of a SnO2 cap layer, its growth behavior, and oxidation resistance [Tohoku Univ.] Y. Fujii, Y. Sutou, K. Neishi, and J. Koike
(Coffee Break 20min)
Session 10: Interconnect performance and reliability
Chairpersons H. Shibata, K. Ueno
Invited: Large-Scale Statistical Evaluation of Early Failure and Short-Length Effects in Cu Electromigration [Freescale Semiconductor] M. Gall, M. Hauschildt, R. Hernandez
Ru Barrier Cu / Low-k Interconnect Technology with Highly-Reliable TDDB and Low Inter-layer Metal Dielectric Capacitance [Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies] Y. Takigawa, N. Tarumi, M. Shiohara, E. Soda, and S. Ogawa
Novel Statistical Analysis of TDDB Lifetime in Cu/low-k Interconnects by Incorporation of Overlay Error Model [NEC Electronics] S. Yokogawa, and H. Tsuchiya
Performance of Cu dual-damascene interconnects using a thin Ti-based self-formed barrier layer for 28-nm node and beyond [Renesas Technology, *Kyoto Univ., **The Ritsumeikan Trust, ***Kobe Steel] K. Ohmori, K. Mori, K. Maekawa, K. Kohama*, K. Ito*, T. Ohnishi***, M. Mizuno***, K. Asai, M. Murakami**, and H. Miyatake
A study on Resistivity Increase of Copper Interconnects with the Dimension Comparable to Electron Mean Free Path Utilizing Monte Carlo Simulation [Toshiba] M. Wada, T. Kurusu, Y. Akimoto, N. Matsunaga, H. Tanimoto, N. Aoki, Y. Toyoshima, and H. Shibata
Closing Remarks: K. Ueno [Shibaura Institute of Technology]


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