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Processing Science and ModelingF
  Thin film formation from gases/liquids/solids, etching, process modeling
Materials Science of Thin Films, Surfaces and InterfacesF
@condensed matter physics of thin films, reaction at grain boundaries/ interfaces
Interconnect and Dielectric MaterialsF
Interconnects, barriers, contacts, Low-k, High-k, metal gates
Deposition TechnologyF
  CVD, ALD, PVD, ECD, Selective deposition, reflow, high-pressure processes
  Porosimetries, adhesion assessment
Planarization TechnologyF
  CMP, Pads/Slurries, end-point detection, process modeling, novel technologies
Process Integration IssuesF
  Silicides/Salicides, ILD deposition and plaranization, surface cleaning/treatments
  Metal/dielectric etching, barrier/Cu interconnect formation, low-k technologies
Advanced Structures and Scaling IssuesF
design and modeling, new interconnect structures, air-gap, inductors
System in a PackageF
  Packaging/Jisso techs, bump formation, wafer bonding
Reliability Science and Failure AnalysisF
  metrology, defect analysis, yield management, reliability science