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+ Conference Invited Speakers +

Keynotes Speakers
(1)Thin Film Metallurgy 
                M. Murakami (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
(2)10 years of BEOL Wiring Innovations - from Cu through Low-k to Airgaps
                Dr. Daniel Edelstein (IBM)

Invited Speakers
(1) STP Technology - Interconnects, CMOS, MEMS, Packaging
                N. Satoh (NTT)
(2) Thermal Behavior of Advanced Interconnect Systems
                Thomas Gessner (Chemnitz University of Technology)
(3) Porous SiCOH BEOL dielectrics for 45 and 32 nm CMOS Technologies
                Stephen Gates (IBM)
(4) Ru CMP For Bottom Electrode Fromation
                Jin-Goo-Park (Hangyang Univ.)
(5) Electrofill Challenges and Directions for Future Device Generations
                Jonathan Reid (Novellus Systems)