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  Conference Program

October 23, 2012
Session 1: Opening Session
Chairperson : J. Koike
9:30-9:50 Opening Remarks: H. Kawasaki, Chair of Asian Session [Mitsubishi Heavy Industries]
Award Ceremony
Keynotes: Reliability Challenges for 3D Interconnects Containing Through Silicon Vias: A Material and Processing Perspective [Univ. of Texas at Austin] Paul S. Ho et al.
Keynotes: Spintronics-based Nonvolatile CMOS VLSI [CSIS/WPI-AIMR/RIEC, Tohoku Univ.] H. Ohno
Session 2: Crucial Metal Technologies
Chairperson ; F. Ito
Invited: Integration Concerns for Metallization [1IBM, 2Global Foundries, 3Renesas Electronics] T. Spooner1, J. H. Chen1, T. Nogami1, M. He2, and M. Tagami3
Simultaneous Formation of a Metallic Mn Layer and a MnOx / MnSixOy Barrier Layer by Chemical Vapor Deposition at 250oC [1Tohoku Univ., 2LEAP, 3TEL Tech. Center, 4Ube Industries] A. Kurokawa1, Y. Sutou1, J. Koike1, T. Hamada2, K. Matsumoto2, H. Nagai2, K. Maekawa3, and H. Kanato4
Improvement of Stress Induced Voiding by Controlling Microstructure of Cu Electroplated Films [Renesas Electronics] S. Muranaka, K. Omori, K. Mori, R. Shibata, N. Suzumura, S. Kudo, and M. Fujisawa
12:20-13:30 (Lunch Break 1 hour 10 min)
Session 3: Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Chairpersons : K. Okutani / S. Kondo
The Impact of Diamond Conditioners on Scratch Formation during Silicon-dioxide CMP [Hanyang Univ.] T.-Y. Kwon, M. Ramachandran, B.-J. Cho, A. A. Busnaina, and J.-G. Park
Study of Polishing Mechanism of SiO2 by CeO2 Abrasive Grain [Noritake] W. Omori, and M. Sato
Study on Contact Image Analysis Between Polishing Pad and Wafer During CMP [Kyushu Inst. of Tech.] K. Suzuki, E. Okamoto, P. Khajornrungruang, and K. Kimura
SiC-CMP Processing Characteristics under Different Atmospheres Using MnO2 Slurry with Strong Oxidant [1Kyushu Univ., 2Univ. of Miyazaki] Z. Tan1, T. Doi1, S. Kurokawa1, O. Ohnishi2, T. Yamazaki1, T. Yin1
Cu-CMP Corrosion in Barrier-less Cu Damascene Structure Caused by Concentration-Cell Effect [CASMAT] K. Okutani
15:10-15:30 (Break 20 min)
Session 4: 3D challenges
Chairperson : T. Nakamura
Invited: Development of 3D Integration Technologies and Recent Challenges [Tohoku Univ.] T Fukushima, K.-W. Lee, T. Tanaka, and M. Koyanagi
Impacts of Thermo-Mechanical Stresses on Bumpless Chip in Stacked Wafer Structure [1Fujitsu Lab., 2Univ. of Tokyo] Y. Mizushima1,2, H. Kitada1,2, C. J. Uchibori1, N. Maeda2, S. Kodama2, Y. Kim2, K. Fujimoto2, S. Yoshimi2, T. Nakamura1, and T. Ohba2
Development of Dielectric Polymer Etching for Chip-on-Wafer Process using Bump-less Off-Chip-Via Interconnects. [1Dai Nippon Printing, 2Univ. of Tokyo, 3DISCO, 4Fujitsu Lab.] S. Yoshimi1, M. Akazawa1, K. Fujimoto1, K. Suzuki1, N. Maeda2, Y. S. Kim2, H. Kitada2, S. Kodama3, Y. Mizushima4, and T. Ohba2
The TSV (Through Silicon Via) Filled with the Nanotwined Cu [Hanyang Univ.] S. Jin, S. Seo, and B. Yoo
October 24, 2012
Session 5: Advanced Metal Processes
Chairperson : H. Shibata / N. Shimizu
Invited: Metal ALD and CVD [1Hanyang Univ., 2SK Hynix Semiconductor ] J. Park1, T. Park2, J. Lee1, H. Jeon1, and H. Jeon1
Adhesion and Nucleation Property of CVD-Cu with ALD-Co(W) Film as Cu Diffusion Barrier and Adhesion Promoting Layer in Future ULSI Interconnects [Univ. of Tokyo] K. Shima, H. Shimizu, T. Momose, and Y. Shimogaki
Process Design for Co(W) Alloy Films as a Single Layered Barrier/Liner Layer for 14 nm Generation Cu-interconnect [1Univ. of Tokyo2, Taiyo-Nippon Sanso] H. Shimizu1, 2, A. Kumamoto1, Y. Suzuki1, K. Shima1, T. Momose1, and Y. Shimogaki1
10:10-10:30 (Break 20 min)
Invited: Comprehensive Cu Diffusion Barrier Testing of Co-W Thin Films Prepared by PVD, CVD and ALD [Technische Univ. Dresden] H. Wojcik, H. Shimizu, Y. W. Bartha, and Y. Shimogaki
Grain size and texture investigation of Cu wire formed with additive-free plating by EBSD [Ibaraki Univ.] Y. Ke, T. Namekawa, K. Tamahashi, and J. Onuki
Performance of Integrated Cu Gap-fill process with CVD-Co Liner [ULVAC] Y. Kokaze, S. Kodaira, Y. Endo, J. Hamaguchi, M. Harada, S. Kumamoto, Y. Sakamoto, and Y. Higuchi
Pt Deposition as an Electrode for FeRAM Using SCFD [Univ. of Tokyo] S. Suita, T. Momose, and Y. Shimogaki
12:00-13:30 (Lunch Break 1 hour 30 min)
Session 6: Reliability and Contacts
Chairperson : S. Yokogawa / O. Nakatsuka
Invited: Study of Electromigration Voiding Mechanisms in Cu Interconnects with Doping Elements for 28 nm Technology Node and Beyond [1CEA/LETI, 2ST Microelectronics] L. Arnaud1,2, A. Ponvert2, S. Blonkowski2
Local Deformation and Interfacial Fracture Behavior of Cu/Dielectric Systems in Interconnect Structures [1Nagoya Inst. of Tech., 2JST, 3Keio Univ., 4Fujitsu Lab.., 5JEOL] H. Sato1, 2, N. Shishido1, 2, S. Kamiya1, 2, K. Koiwa1, 2, M. Omiya2, 3, M. Nishida1, 2, T. Suzuki2, 4, T. Nakamura2, 4, T. Nokuo2, 5, and T. Nagasawa2, 5
Reliability Tests of Electroless Barriers against Copper Diffusion under Bias Temperature Stress with n-and Type Substrates [Shibaura Inst. of Tech.] M. Yamashita, S. Fujishima, A. Mitsumori, and K. Ueno
Formation and Stress Characterization of NiGe/Ge(110) and Ge(001) Contacts [Nagoya Univ.] Y. Deng, J. Yokoi, O. Nakatsuka, and S. Zaima
The Influence of Ni film Thickness on NiSi2 Formation on a Si (001) Substrate at Low Temperatures by High-resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy [Renesas Electronics] Y. Sakura, and N. Ikarashi formation on a Si (001) substrate at low temperatures by high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy [Renesas Electronics] Y. Sakurai, and N. Ikarashi
15:20-15:40 Guest speaker from AMC [Univ. of Tokyo] T. Ohba
15:40-15:50 (Break 10 min)
Poster Session (15:50-17:20)
Chairperson : E. Kondoh
P-1 Study of the Wafer Bow Variation During Re-distribution Layer (RDL) and Probe Pad Formation for 3DIC Wafer-on-Wafer (WOW) Application [1ITRI, 2Univ. of Tokyo] S. C. Liao1, C. H. Lin1, E. H. Chen1, T. Ohba2, Y. S. Kim1, S. Kodama2, K. Fujimoto2, H. Kitada2, N. Maeda2, P. J. Tzeng1, J. C. Chen1 , S. C. Chen1, C. Y. Wu1, C. C. Chen1, Y. C. Hsin1, C. H. Chen1, C.C. Wang1, T. C. Hsu1, T. K. Ku1, and M. J. Kao1
P-2 Improvement of Adhesion Strength of Electroless Barrier Layer on SiO2 and Control of Deposition Profile in a High Aspect Ratio TSV [Kansai Univ.] S. Nishizawa, F. Inoue, R. Arima, T. Shimizu, and S. Shingubara
P-3 ZnO Adhesion Layer for Nanoprecision Electroless-Cu/glass Metallization [Univ. of Yamanashi] A. Teraoka, M. Watanabe, Y. Nabetani, and E. Kondoh
P-4 Conformal Resist Coating Technique in the Trough-Silicon Via (TSV) with a Rotary Atomizer Aerosol Spray [1Asahi Sunac, 2Kyushu Univ.3, Tokyo Ohka Kogo] Y. Seike1, M. Ohtsubo2, K. Maruyama3, F. Shimai3, H. Akenaga, H. Morishita, K. Miyachi, M. Amari1, T. Doi2 and S. Kurokawa2
P-5 Study on the Design of Through-Silicon Via (TSV) Liner upon Its Mechanical Properties [United Microelectronics] C.-W. Lo, J.-M. Chen, Y.-H. Tsai, and C.-C. Liu
P-6 Electrical Contact Property and Interface Microstructure of Cu-Si Alloy on n-GaAs [Tohoku Univ.] B. T. Bae, and J. Koike
P-7 Determination of Current Density Suppression Ability of Poly (ethylene glycol) during Copper Electrodeposition by an EQCM and a Microfluidic Device [Osaka Pref. Univ.] T. Saito, Y. Tsujimoto, Y. Miyamoto, N. Okamoto, and K. Kondo
P-8 Analysis of Electrodeposited Nano-scale Copper Wire Microstructure by EBSD Method [1Ibaraki Univ., 2Tohoku Univ.] T. Konkova1, Y. Ke1, S. Mironov2, J.Onuki1
P-9 Etched Profile Control in H2/N2 Plasma with Radical Density Monitoring [1Nagoya Univ., 2Osaka Univ., 3Kyushu Univ., 4JST-CREST] T. Suzuki1, A. Malinowski1, K. Takeda1,4, H. Kondo1, K. Ishikawa1, Y. Setsuhara2,4, M. Shiratani3,4, M. Sekine1,4, M. Hori1,4
P-10 Fabrication and Evaluation of Nanowire-based Resistive Switching Device Using Self-organized Template [Kansai Univ.] T. Kyomi, S. Otsuka, Y. Takeda, Y. Sumita, T. Shimizu, and S. Shingubara
P-11 Numerical Simulations of High Heat Dissipation Technology in LSI 3-D Packaging Using CNT Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Thermal Interface Material (TIM) [1Keio Univ., 2GNC/AIST] T. Kawanabe1, M. Nihei2, and Y. Awano1
P-12 Evaluation of Surface Damaged Layer Depth of Si Wafer for TSV [1Kyushu Univ., 2Kanazawa Inst. of Tech., 3Univ. of Miyazaki, 4Mitsubishi Chemical] S. Iwamoto11, S. Kurokawa1, T. Doi1, M. Uneda2, O. Ohnishi3, T. Suzuki4, Y. Kawase4, and K. Harada4
P-13 Characteristics of Sapphire CMP Under Various Gas Conditions Using Belll-Jar Type CMP Machine [1Kyushu Univ., 2Univ. Miyazaki, 3Kanazawa Inst. of Tech., 4Koshiyama Science and Tech. Foundation, 5Fujikoshi Machinery] T. Egashira1, T. Doi1, S. Kurokawa1, O. Ohnishi2, M. Uneda3, I. Koshiyama4, and D. Ichikawa5
P-14 SiC-CMP Processing Characteristics under Different Atmospheres Using MnO2 Slurry with Strong Oxidant [1Kyushu Univ., 2Univ. of Miyazaki] Z. Tan1, T. Doi1, S. Kurokawa1, O. Ohnishi2, T. Yamazaki1, T. Yin1
P-15 Evaluation for In-Plane Micro-Deformation Distribution Characteristics of Polishing Pad Surface Texture [1Kanazawa Inst. of Tech., 2Fujikoshi Machinery] M. Uneda1, T. Omote1, K. Shibuya2, Y. Nakamura2, D. Ichikawa2, and K. Ishikawa1
P-16 Modification of Diamond Conditioner with V-SAM Coatings for Corrosion Prevention during Metal CMP [Hanyang Univ.] B.-J. Cho, R. P. Venkatesh, T.-Y. Kwon, and J.-G. Park
P-18 A Novel on-site Cupric Oxide Recovery Process from Waste Containing Copper [Swing] T. Kobayashi, K. Kano, T. Suzuki, and A. Kobayashi
P-19 Hybrid Cleaning Technology for Enhanced Post-Cu/low-k CMP Cleaning Performance [Hanyang Univ.] M. Ramachandran, B.-J. Cho, T.-Y. Kwon, and J.-G. Park
P-20 Advanced PCMP Formulation with Cobalt Compatibility [ATMI] J. Liu, L. Sun, J. Chang, and C. Tran
P-21 Development of the Tabrication Process of Ni Mold for Nano-imprint Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide [Univ. of Tokyo] H. Kawada, T. Momose, and Y. Shimogaki
P-22 Development of Technique for Embedding Cu into 15-nm-wide Trench by High-Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering Method [Tokyo Univ. of Science] M. Itoh, H. Iida , and S. Saito
P-23 New Cu-SnNx AlloyFilms for Better Copper Interconnects [Asia-Pacific Inst. of Creativity] C.H.Lin
P-24 Dependence of Crystal Structure of Electrodeposited Co/Cu Multilayers on Nanometric Layer Thickness [1Nagano Pref. General Industrial Tech. Center, 2Shinshu Univ.] N. Takane1,2, H. Narita1, and S. Arai2
P-25 Preparation Conditions of Nano-crystalline ZrNx Films by Reactive Sputtering [1Kitami Inst. of Tech., 2Tohoku Univ.] M. B. Takeyama1, M. Sato1, E. Aoyagi2, and A. Noya1
P-26 Hot-wire-assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of High Quality Nickel Films [Univ. of Tokyo] G. Yuan, H. Shimizu, T. Momose, and Y. Shimogaki
17:20-17:40 (Break 20 min)
Sponsored Banquet (17:40-19:10)
October 25, 2012
Session 7: Nanocarbon
Chairperson : Y. Awano / K. Ueno
Invited: Graphene Nanoribbon Interconnects [Georgia Inst. of Tech.] V. Kumar, S. Rakheja, and A. Naeemi
Invited: Synthesis of Nanocarbon Materials and Their Interconnect Application [AIST] S. Sato, M. Nihei, and N. Yokoyama
10:00-10:10 (Break 10 min)
Resistance of Multi-layer Graphene Wire for Interconnects [LEAP] H. Miyazaki, M. Katagiri, Y. Yamazaki, M. Suzuki, M. Wada, M. Kitamura, T. Saito, A. Isobayashi, A. Sakata, N. Sakuma, A. Kajita, and T. Sakai
Low-resistance Metal Contacts to Nanocarbon/Cobalt Interconnects [1Shibaura Inst. of Tech., 2LEAP] M. Takagi1, H. Yano1, T. Wakui1, N. Sakuma2, A. Kajita2, T. Sakai2, and K. Ueno1
Resistance Factors in Carbon Nanotube Via Interconnects [LEAP] M. Katagiri, M. Suzuki, Y. Yamazaki, H. Miyazaki, B. Ito, D. Nishide, T. Matsumoto, M. Wada, M. Kitamura, T. Saito, A. Isobayashi, A. Sakata, M. Watanabe, N. Sakuma, A. Kajita, and T. Sakai
A New Microstrip Open-Stub Structure with Carbon Nanotube Bumps for Shrinking Distributed Passive Components in MMICs [1Keio Univ., 2Fujitsu Lab.] M. Nakamura1, T. Iwai2 and Y. Awano1
11:30-12:40 (Lunch Break 1 hour 10 min)
Session 8: Low-k
Chairperson : T. Nemoto
Invited: Molecularly tailored nanomaterials and metal-dielectric interfaces for electronics and energy harvesting [Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.] G. Ramanath
Invited: Low-k Material Design and Process Optimization for Plasma Damage Reduction in High-reliable 22nm-Node Cu Dual Damascene Interconnects [1Renesas Electronics, 2IBM] F. Ito1, H. Shobha2, M. Tagami1, T. Nogami2, S. Cohen2, Y. Ostrovski2, S. Molis2, K. Maloney2, J. Femiak2, J. Protzman2, T. Pinto2, E. T. Ryan2, A. Madan2, C.-K. Hu2, and T. Spooner2
Airgap Formation in Ultra Fine Wire Spacing and Its Wire-to-Wire Leakage Characteristics [Toshiba] H. Miki, A. Isobayashi, A. Kajita, Y. Sugizaki, and H. Shibata
PEALD Sealing Property on Extreme Low-k Film with k=2.0 Quantified by Mass Metrology [1ASM, 2Metryx] A. Kobayashi1, A. Nakano1, Y. Kimura1, D. Ishikawa1, K. Matsushita1, N. Kobayashi1, G. Ditmer2, A. Kiermasz2
14:20-14:35 (Break 15 min)
Session 9: Backend devices Technology
Chairpersons : M. B. Takeyama / M. Tada
Invited: Materials and Process Aspect of ReRAM and Selector Device for Cross-point Memory Applications [POSTECH] H. Hwang
Invited: Nanoelectrochemical Switch for Reconfigurable Logic [LEAP] T. Sakamoto
Electric-field Control of Mott Transition in (Nd,Sm)NiO3 Electric double Layer Transistor [1AIST, 2JST-CREST, 3Univ. of Tokyo, 4JST-PRESTO, 5RIKEN] S. Asanuma1, 2, P.-H. Xiang1, 2, H. Yamada1, H. Sato1, 2, I. H. Inoue1, 2, H. Akoh1, 2, A. Sawa1, 2, K. Ueno3, 4, M. Kawasaki3, 5, and Y. Iwasa3, 5
Wafer-level Chip Scale Package for White LED with High Thermal Dissipation [Toshiba] Y. Akimoto, A. Kojima, M. Shimada, H. Tomizawa, H. Furuyama, S. Obata, K. Higuchi, Y. Sugizaki, and H. Shibata
16:15-16:30 (Break 15 min)
Invited: 3-D Phase Change Memory with Poly-Si Selection Device [Hitachi] Y. Sasago, M. Kinoshita, H. Minemura, Y. Anzai, Y. Fujisaki, and T. Kobayashi
Superlattice Phase Change Memory Fabrication Process for BEOL Devices [1LEAP, 2AIST] T. Ohyanagi1, N. Takaura1, M. Kitamura1, M. Tai1, M. Kinoshita1, K. Akita1, T. Morikawa1, and J. Tominaga2
Composition Control of GeSbTe Films by Chemical Vapor Deposition with Tellurization Technique [1Meiji Univ., 2Gas-phase Growth, 3Toyota Technological Inst.] T. Uno1, K. Suda1, N. Sawamoto1, H . Machida2, M. Ishikawa2, H. Sudo2, Y. Ohshita3, and A. Ogura1
17:40-17:50 Closing Remarks: J. Koike [Tohoku Univ.]


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