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 Conference Program

October 9, 2008
Session1: Opening Session
Chairperson: K. Ueno
Opening Remarks: T. Yoda, Chair of Asian Session [Toshiba]
Award Ceremony
Keynotes: Business Strategy and Challenges for Interconnect Technology [Toshiba] S. Saito
Keynotes: Albany is Global HOT Spot - Message from Albany, NY [New York State Univ.] M. Hirayama
Session 2: 3D Si and Cu Deposition
Chairperson: E. Kondoh
Novel and Production-Worthy Wafer-on-a-Wafer (WOW) Technology Using Self-Aligned TSV (SALT) Interconnects [Univ. of Tokyo, *Dai Nippon Printing, **Fujitsu Laboratories] N. Maeda, H. Kitada, K. Fujimoto*, K. Suzuki*, T. Nakamura** and T. Ohba
Investigations of Cu Filling in Through-Si Via Holes using Direct Electroless Plating on CVD-W [Kansai Univ., *Tohoku Univ., **National Institute of Communication Technology, ***Shaanxi Normal Univ.] F. Inoue, M. Koyanagi*, T. Fukushima*, K. Yamamoto**, S. Tanaka**, Z. Wang***, and S. Shingubara
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper from New Precursors [Univ. of Tokyo, *Air Products and Chemicals] H. Song, J. A.T. Norman* and Y. Shimogaki
(Lunch 60min)
Session 3: CMP & Characterization
Chairperson: S. Kondo
Invited: Challenges in Planarization for Sub-32nm Logic Technology [AMD] Y. Moon
Characterization of Cu Corrosion Phenomena with Scanning Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy [Ebara] S. Shima, K. Tokushige, A. Fukunaga and M. Tsujimura
A Fast New Approach for Evaluating the Connectivity of Micropores (<2 nm) and Supermicropores (<0.5 nm) in Low-k Thin Films [Univ. of Yamanashi, *NEC Electronics] E. Kondoh, S. Aruga, F. Ito* and Y. Hayashi*
Structural Analysis of Low-k Porous SiOC Film by Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) [Toshiba, *Toray Research Center] M. Shimada, A. Kojima, Y. Otsuka*, Y. Shimizu*, H. Seki*, N. Nakamura and T. Yoda
Characterization of Defects Generated in SiCN Dielectrics for Copper Diffusion Barriers [Tokai Univ.] T. Ide, Y. Takahashi and K. Kobayashi
(Coffee Break 20min)
Session 4: Low-k Process
Chairpersons: Y. Uchida & N. Aoi
Invited: Engineering of Chemical and Physical Properties of Low-k Materials by Different Wavelength of UV Light [IMEC, *Masaryk Univ., **Leibniz-Institute of Surface Modification, ***ASM Belgium] M.R. Baklanov, P.Marsik*, L.Prager**, P.Verdonck, K.Ferchichi and D.De Roest***,
Novel Oxygen-free Barrier SiC Film (k<3.5) with High Etching Selectivity [Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, *Taiyo Nippon Sanso] J. Nakahira, Y. Inaishi*, S. Nakao, M. Shinriki*, E. Soda, K. Tomioka, S. Chikaki, N. Oda, S. Hasaka* and S. Kondo
Highly-Reliable Seamless Low-k SiOCH Stacks (SEALS) with High Adhesion Strength Interface by Advanced Plasma Co-polymerization Process [NEC Electronics] H. Yamamoto, F. Ito, T. Takeuchi, N. Furutake and Y. Hayashi
Mechanism of Plasma Damage Resistance on Porous MSX Film with Methylene Bridge [Toshiba] M. Shimada, K. Watanabe, A. Gawase, H. Miyajima and H. Yano
Effect of Surface Roughness on Plasma-induced Degradation of Porous Low-k Material [Fujitsu Laboratories, *Fujitsu] T. Kirimura, Y. Iba*, S. Ozaki, Y. Kobayashi and Y. Nakata
Recombination of О and Н Atoms on the Surface of Nanoporous SiOCH Dielectric Films [Moscow State Univ., *IMEC] O.V. Braginsky, A.S. Kovalev, D.V. Lopaev, E.M. Malykhin, Yu. A. Mankelevich, T.V. Rakhimova, A.N. Vasilieva, S.M. Zyryanov and M.R. Baklanov*
Realization of High Stable Porous SiOCH Films (k=2.3-2.4, Er=8.0 GPa) using DcPDMOS by O2 Addition and UV Cure [Tri Chemical Laboratories, *Taiyo Nippon Sanso] Y. Xu, M. Shinriki*, Y. Inaishi* and S. Hasaka*
Guest Paper from USA (17:40-18:00)
Session 5: Poster Session & Banquet (18:10-20:00)
Chairperson: Y. Shimogaki
(P-1) A Kinetic Study on Cu2O Deposition and Reduction for Continuous Cu Film Fabrication [Univ. of Tokyo] H. Asano, Y. Susa and Y. Shimogaki
(P-2) Grain Growth of Electroplated Copper Film by Alternative Annealing Methods [Shibaura Institute of Technology, *KISCO] K. Ueno, K. Shimotani, Y. Shimada, S.Yomogida*, T. Takeshita, and T. Yata*
(P-3) Feasibility Study of Multi Wafer Deposition System by Supercritical Fluid Deposition of Cu for Mass production [Univ. of Tokyo] T. Momose,M. Sugiyama, and Y. Shimogaki
(P-4) Influences of Mg Content and Annealing on the Adhesion of Cu(Mg) Thin Film to Glass Substrate [Sejong Univ., *Hanbat National Univ., **Heraeus Oriental Hitec] S.-G. Kang W.-D. Yun*, S.-.K. Rha*, S.-J. Lee** and W.-J. Lee
(P-5) Nanometer-scale Four-Point Probe Resistance Measurements of Cu Wires Using Carbon Nanotube Tips [Univ. of Tokyo] Y. Kitaoka, S. Yoshimoto, T. Hirahara, S. Hasegawa and T. Ohba
(P-6) In-die Cu Thickness Monitoring of Memory Chip [Hynix Semiconductor, *Rudolph Technologies] H.-S. Lee, C. Kim, H. Yoo, T.-K. Kim, C. H. Lee, S. Son, K. Park*, P. Mukundhan* and C. Kim*
(P-7) UV Cure Control of Pore Interconnectivity for Porogen-based SiOC Films [ASM Japan] N. Tsuji, K. Matsushita, S. Kaneko, N. Takamure and N. Kobayashi
(P-8) Spin-on Organic Low-k Material (k=2.2) with Thin Ti Liner Interconnect [Sumitomo Bakelite, *Consortium for Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Related Technologies] Y. Ono, M. Matsutani, T. Harada, M. Tada* and Y. Ando*
(P-9) Fabrication and Investigation of New Amino-silane Precursor (BEMAS) for Low temperature Deposition of SiO and SiN [Japan Advanced Chemicals, *National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology] S. Nozu, S. Yasuhara and K. Endo*
(P-10) Ultra Low-k Precursor Solution for 32 nm-node Interconnects [ULVAC] M. Hirakawa, S. Asahina, T. Yamazaki, T. Nakayama and H. Murakami
(P-11) Characterization of pSiCOH for 45nm BEOL Interconnects and Beyond [Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, *Applied Materials] J. Widodo, T. Ouyang, H. Liu, W. Lu, M. S. Zhou, K. H. Leong*, H. S. Tang* and A. Jain*
(P-12) Impact of Ammonia and Nitrogen Plasma Treatment on the Property of Ultra Low-k Films [Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing] H. W. Cheng, H. Liu, J. Widodo, T. Ouyang, W. Lu, Z. X. Xing and M. S. Zhou
(P-13) Hydrogen Dependence of Film Properties of High Tensile Stress UV Cured Silicon Nitride for 45nm Bulk Device [Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing] J. Tian, L. Goh, J. Shu and W. Lu , M. Zhou
(P-14) Characterization of Damage of Low-k Films Between Narrow Cu lines by Micro Beam IR method [Toray Research Center, *Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies] H. Seki, N. Tarumi*, Y. Shimizu, Y. Otsuka, H. Hashimoto and S. Ogawa*
(P-15) Evaluation by Simple Method of Wire Bonding Process with Ultra Low-k Materials [Consortium for Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Related Technologies] M. Hatai and K. Funatsu
(P-16) Influence of Moisture on the CVD Formation of a MnOx Barrier Layer [Tohoku Univ., *Tokyo Electron] K. Neishi, K. Matsumoto*, H. Sato*, H.Ito*, S. Hosaka* and J. Koike
(P-17) Effects of Hot-wire Nitridating Condition on Characterizations of TiNx film on SiO2 [Kitami Institute of Technology, Tohoku Univ.] M. B. Takeyama, M. Sato, Y. Hayasaka*, E. Aoyagi*, and A. Noya
(P-18) Copper Diffusion Barrier Properties of a 10 nm W-Mo Alloy Films on Porous SiOC:H [National Cheng Kung Univ., United Microelectronics] K.-C. Hsu, D.-C. Perng, J.-B. Yeh, R.-P. Chang, J.-F. Fang and C. Huang*
(P-19) Atomic Layer Deposition of Ruthenium and Ruthenium Oxide Thin Films Using Ru(EtCp)2 Precursor and Oxygen Gas [POSTECH] W.-H. Kim, S.-J. Park and H. Kim
Contact/Silicide/Metal Gate
(P-20) Influence of Hydrogen Plasma Treatment on Ni and NiPt Silicide Process [Renesas Technology] T. Tsutsumi , K. Kihara, T. Yamaguchi, T. Okudaira, K. Kashihara, K. Maekawa, S.Kudo, K. Asai, M. Kojima and M.Yoneda
(P-21) In-situ CVD CoSix Deposition for Direct Contact Applications [Applied Materials] S.-E. Phan, S. Ganguli, H.-C. Ha, S. H. Yu, M. Jackson, S. Lee, T. Guo, A. Anapolsky and P. Wang
(P-22) Enabling Metal Deposition Technology for High-k Metal Gate Integration [Applied Materials] N. Yoshida, R. Wang, X. Tang, D. Liu, L. Hawrylchak, O. Chan, K. Ahmed, T. Mandreker, G. Conti, C. Lazik, S. Hung, H. Chen, C.-P. Chang and S. Gandikota
(P-23) Crystalline and Electrical Properties of Thin Pd Silicide Layer/Si Contacts [Nagoya Univ.] R. Suryana, S. Akimoto, O. Nakatsuka and S. Zaima
(P-24) First Principle Study of Cu-Sn (111) Surface Diffusion [Univ. of Tokyo] S. Ebato, J. Inoue and T. Koseki
(P-25) Quantitative Evaluation of Electromigration Behavior in Cu-Sn Thin Films [Univ. of Tokyo] S. Yoshimoto, J. Inoue and T. Koseki
(P-26) A Simple De-embedding Method for Characterization of On-chip Four-port Networks [Tokyo Institute of Technology] S. Amakawa, H. Ito, N. Ishihara and K. Masu
(P-27) Thermal Stress Enhancement and Crisis of Low-k Material Around Multi-bit Interconnections of Operating High Performance Systems [Univ. of Yamanashi] H. Kato, T. Yoshida, M. Nakamura and E. Kondoh
(P-28) Lifetime Prediction of Stress Induced Voiding Failure by Noble Numerical Analysis in Cu Interconnects with an Ultra Low-k Dielectric [Tohoku Univ.] S. Nakajima, T. Nemoto and A.T. Yokobori, Jr.
October 10, 2008
Session 6: Barrier/seed (1)
Chairperson: J. Koike
Invited: Ionized-PVD Stacked Barrier Structure of TaN/TaRu for 32nm BEOL Integration [IBM, *AMD, **Applied Materials] T. Nogami, C-C. Yang , S. Rossnagel, C.J. Penny, D. Canaperi, J.J. Kelly, P. Flaitz, P. DeHaven, T. Shaw, S.A Cohen, C-K. Hu, T. Vo, I. Zienert*, H. Chung**, R. Wang**, J. Re**, S-C. Seo, A. Simon, O. van der Straten, I. Ali, J. Piccirillo**, S.K. Chiang**, J. Wynne, T. Spooner and D.C. Edelstein
RuTaN Films by PEALD using H2 / N2 Plasma for Cu Diffusion Barrier Layer [ASM Japan] D. Jeong, K. Namba, H. Inoue and H. Shinriki
Conformal CVD Co Deposition for Enhancement of Cu Gapfill Application [Applied Materials] J. Lu, H.C. Ha, J. Aubuchon, P. Ma, S.H. Yu and, M. Narasimhan
Electroless NiB Liner on Organosilane Layers [*Waseda Univ., **Shibaura Institute of Technology, ***Tel-Aviv Univ.] H. Aramaki,* M. Yoshino*, I. Matsuda*, K. Ueno* **, Y. Shacham-Diamand* *** and, T. Osaka*
Development of Selective Co CVD Capping Process for Reliability Improvement of Advanced Cu Interconnect [NEC Electronics, *Applied Materials Japan, **Applied Materials] E. Nakazawa, K. Arita, Y. Tsuchiya, Y. Kakuhara, S. Yokogawa, T. Kurokawa, N. Sasaki*, S. Ganguli**, H.C. Ha**, W.T. Lee**, S.H. Yu** and M. Sekine
(Coffee Break 20min)
Session 7: Barrier/seed (2) and contact
Chairperson: M. B. Takeyama
Copper Seed Feature Level Modeling [Applied Materials] U. Kelkar, D. Lubben, T. Gung, A. Sundarrajan, Q. Luo. Y. Cao, X. Tang, M. Ewert and M. Narasimhan
New barrier metal selection principle for 32nm metallization and beyond [NEC Electronics] K. Motoyama, A. Nakajima, M. Tohara, *T. Kurokawa, Y. Tsuchiya, K. Fujii and M. Sekine
Resistance of Ru barrier layer against oxidation by moisture in low-k film [Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies] N. Tarumi, M. Shiohara, M. Abe, H. Imamura, S. Kondo and S. Ogawa
Formation of a low resistivity W nucleation layer using H2 (hydrogen radical) reduction gas for W plug [Tokyo Electron AT] T. Nishimori , M. Tanaka , H. Yuasa and M. Tachibana
(Lunch 60min)
Session 8: Special session/Reliability(1)
Chairperson: H. Kawasaki
Invited: Cu-drift Induced Electric Leakage during TDDB Test in Damascene Cu Interconnect [Seoul National Univ.] Y-C. Joo
Invited: Effects of Scaling and Grain Structure on Cu Electromigration and Structural Reliability of Air-gap Interconnects [Univ. of Texas, *AMD, **Tokyo Electron US] P.S. Ho, X.F. Zhang, R. Huang, E. Zschech*, M.A. Meyer* , J.J. Liu** and D. Toma**
Invited: Scaling Impacts and Challenges on Reliability in Cu/low-k [NEC Electronics] S. Yokogawa
(Coffee Break 20min)
Session 9: Special session/Reliability(2)
Chairperson N. Shimizu
Characteristics of Downstream Electromigration of Cu/porous low-k Interconnects [NEC Electronics] Y. Kakuhara, S. Yokogawa, M. Hiroi and T. Takewaki
Copper Ion Drift as An Early Mode Failure in Bias Temperature Stressing [Renesas Technology] H. Miyazaki and D. Kodama
Photo Misalignment Impacts on the Low-k TDDB [NEC Electronics] H. Tsuchiya, Y. Kakuhara, D. Oshida, M. Iguchi, T. Takewaki and S. Yokogawa
Reduction Effect of Line Edge Roughness on TDDB lifetime of Cu/Low-k Interconnects by using CF3I Etching [Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies] E. Soda, T. Suzuki, N. Nakamura, N. Oda, S. Ito, M. Nakamura, S. Kondo and S. Saito
(Short Break 10min)
Session 10: Integration
Chairperson: F. Ito
Multi levels Air gap Integration using Sacrificial Material Approach for Advanced Cu Interconnects Technologies [*STMicroelectronics, **CEA-LETI-MINATEC, ***CNRS-LTM] R. Gras* ***, F. Gaillard**, D. Bouchu**, P.H. Haumesser**, G. Imbert*, L. Vandroux**, A. Farcy*, T. Chevolleau***, G. Passemard*, J. Torres* and P. Ancey*
Air Gap Integration of 45nm Node Cu Interconnects and Evaluations of Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics [Matsushita Electric Industrial, *Renesas Technology , ** Panasonic Semi-Conductor Engineering] T. Harada, A. Ueki**, S. Kido*, K. Tomita*, Y. Kanda, T. Sasaki**, H. Tsuji**, T. Furuhashi*, T. Kabe, J. Shibata, A. Iwasaki**, J. Izumitani*, S. Matsumoto, Y. Kawano* and T. Ueda
Impact of Gas Silylation Process on Wire-to-Wire Leakage Current for Low-k / Cu Dual-Damascene Interconnects [Toshiba] Y. Hayashi, A. Kojima, N. Nakamura, H. Masuda, K. Sato, H. Hayashi, N. Matsunaga and H. Shibata
Novel Self-Hydrophobication and Pre-Reinforcement of Fine Pore Self-Assembled Scalable Porous Silica Film for Quick Turn-Around-Time Low-k/Cu Interconnect Process [Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, *Mitsui Chemicals, **ULVAC, ***AIST] S. Chikaki, T. Kubota, H. Tanaka*, K. Kohmura*, M. Hirakawa**, T. Nakayama**, Y. Seino***, N. Oda and S. Saito
18:20-18:30 Closing Remarks: Y. Shimogaki [Univ. of Tokyo]


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