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IWAPS Joint Conference


Advanced Metallization Conference 2014: 24th Asian Session
IWAPS Joint Conference
Oct. 22-24, 2014,
Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo

Oct. 22: Tutorial
Oct. 23-24 : Conference

Sponsored by
The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Co-sponsor (Korea)
National Research Council of Science & Technology,
Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials,
Korea Electronics-Machinery Convergence Technology Institute,
Korea Society for Precision Engineering,
The Korean Microelectronics and Packaging Society

Supported by
The Surface Finishing Society of Japan,
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan,
The Japan Society for Precision Engineering,
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers,
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials,
The Vacuum Society of Japan,
The Surface Science Society of Japan.

Dear Colleagues

"Advanced Metallization Conference 2014: 24th Asian Session" will be held in October, 2014  in conjunction with the3rd International Workshop on Advanced Packaging & System Technology (IWAPS).
ADMETA has its 24-year history of a conference on the state-of-the-art interconnect technology which has contributed considerably on the development of integrated circuits including MPUs, DRAMs and Flash memories. Reliability issues in Low-k / Cu interconnect is still of great importance to meet the demand for high-density interconnect in future ULSIs, and therefore, emerging nano-carbon materials, air-gap technologies, as well as backend devices like MRAMs and ReRAMs embedded in interconnect layers are currently developed. Packaging is also facing to the down scaling of form factor and thus new interconnects bridging from silicon chips and PCB is required. In particular, 3D interconnect technologies based on TSV is attracting much attention as a promising future technology. ADMETA will focus on process, design, reliability, production tool, material and cost-reduction technologies, and discuss both scientific and engineering approaches to solve those issues. The 3D / Packaging Session will be hosted jointly with IWAPS (International Workshop on Advanced Packaging and System Technology) this year to encourage among Asian semiconductor industries more into.

ADMETAPlus 2014 General Chair:
Eiichi Kondoh (Yamanashi University)

ADMETAPlus 2014 Program Chair:
Takenao Nemoto (Tokyo Electron)

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