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Keynotes Speakers

M. Koyanagi (Tohoku University), A New Smart-Stack Technology for Three-Dimensional LSI

Joaquin Torres, PhD (ST Microelectronics), Advanced BEOL R&D activity at Crolles Alliance

Invited Speakers

T. Hasegawa (Sony Corp.), A 65nm/45nm-node interconnect technology featuring ULK stacked hybrid structure

Michael E. Mills (Dow Chemical Co.), Advanced Electronic Materials for ULSI Metallization

Lynne M. Michaelson (Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.), Electroless Deposition of Co-based Alloys for Selective Capping Applications

Changki Hong(Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd),Single Wafer Cleaning Process on Next Generation device

Sarah L. Lane (IBM Corp.), BEOL Process Integration with Cu/SiCOH (k=2.8) Low-k Interconnects at 65 nm Groundrules

J. Koike (Tohoku University), Self-Forming Barrier Process with Mn addition in Cu Metallization